Finding peak fall foliage in New England

Finding peak fall foliage in New England Just the sound of it “Finding Peak fall foliage” rolls off the tongue with images of cool, crisp mornings and red-orange maple trees against a back drop of dark green pine trees. Maybe … Continue reading

Rhode Island & Connecticut for this weekend

A lot of folks are asking where do we go this weekend? Well this one is a no brainer! I’ve been telling you to plan your visit around events and places you want to visit. Then on your way to … Continue reading

Bright New England fall colors to be found!

Canterbury Shaker Meeting House

The New England fall colors are still around… IF your expectations aren’t too high! Let me explain. Lisa and I just drove this morning, up into New Hampshire and we found only hints of color. (See the bottom paragraph for … Continue reading

New England fall foliage submissions

New England fall foliage update Well the cool days of September have turned to balmy days Of October (at least until Sunday). Today is said to be a New England fall foliage killing rain and wind day but we’ll see what … Continue reading

Jenne Farm, Vermont’s most photographed farm

Jenne farm in fall foliage in Vermont's Reading Vermont.

Fall colors arrive at the Jenne Farm Well Lisa and I mad reservations in W. Lebanon NH in a small motel for Friday…  Let’s just say saving money (and it was still 97$) didn’t get us as clean as I … Continue reading