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The fall colors of New England come early to Dixville notch in New Hampshires white mountains

Dixville Notch in fall colors

Research and Explore New England Fall Foliage by Clicking the paragraph Headings Below, The areas of interest are explained below but if you don’t see what you are looking for contact me here.

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Basic Tutorials on Locating the Elusive Fall Foliage

I have several hundred fall foliage articles that all center on finding “Peak” fall foliage. Mostly I talk about how to position yourself for the best chance of locating good color. Here are two articles to think on..

Fall Foliage Articles

This is the page to go and read my most recent articles on fall foliage. Here you will find the last 5 articles on the best scenic locations to find New England fall foliage. Also foliage reports and my  very popular foliage forecastsThe fall foliage forecast for 2015 can be found here or on my Forecasts and reports page. The best way to research what you want to find out is to click the Archives and look for something that will fit your search. Or click in the search box in the upper left corner of the blog page. Lastly on the right side of  Archives page under planning articles you will find Some of my Scenic fall foliage locations by state. (still a work in progress)


Fall Foliage Festivals

I always recommend that visitors have other things to do when they arrive just in case it rains or the kids get bored. New England fall foliage festivals are a great way to experience what New England has to offer. From 4-H events to rides and great food, not to mention the music headliners who make their way to these venues, there is fun for the whole family. The festivals run from Sept to October so check the dates to see what matches up with your trip dates!  Click the title to visit my listings of fall festivals.

Touring Ideas

So far I have listed links for Scenic Railroad trips that you can take and I have several Bike rentals (some with) trails nearby and I hope to add more scenic suggestions like walking and hiking trails. I’ve also been asked for kayak info and I’ll be adding gondola rides and the zip lines for the adventuresome. Click the title above to hit my tour page.

Fall Foliage Forum

This is a link  to my New England fall foliage Facebook page.  I find this to be a very quick solution  to getting updates both from and out to my friends and followers. If you’re not on  Facebook then you will have to sign up.

 Fall Foliage videos and more

I have created different videos  that show you what the fall foliage in New England is like.  I also have videos and radio interviews of myself if you really want to be bored.. :-) But! the videos of my drives gives you a good idea of what the New England Fall Colors are like on specific dates and in specific locations. Click the title to go to my Fall Foliage multimedia page.


Forecasts & Reports

Folger-old-sturdridge-village-covered-roadway-71.jpgThis area will populate as I add a forecast (usually starts between Jan-March) and then as we move through the spring and summer I’ll add more Forecasts. In early September I’ll start making early fall color reports. Each time I make one it will populate the Forecast and Report page. You can also subscribe to my blog to get a notification emailed to you of a new one.


Scenic drives by State

Vermont hillside aflame with a tapestry of fall colors in New EnglandThe New England Fall Colors stretch out across all of New England. Click the title for suggested scenic photographic locations/drives. I’ve tried to give maps or directions and you may have to use a DeLorme Gazetteer or GPS to find these places. Over the winter I will try to convert them to PDFs so that you can download them onto your smart device.  Scenic drive  for New Hampshire, VermontMaine, MassachusettsConnecticut  and Rhode Island.  I may add New York  this next year  depending on if anyone sends me  suggested routes.

Purchase Prints and Cards

If you find one of my images is something you have to have, then clicking the title above will take you to my sales page. It’s hosted completely by Fine Art America. If you look on the  left side of side of, you’ll see different galleries that you can browse.  Most of my artwork is from around New England and if you want to take a virtual tour, I can think of no better way then to sit back and enjoy looking at my New England artwork.

Follow me on Twitter

I’m on  twitter as @foliage_reports  So if you want to mention me and ask a question I will try to answer promptly (sometimes takes a bit, especially if I’m working at my job. But I also love to have you send me locations with reports and I’ll share that with the world, ASAP.

New England Webcams for year round viewing

You can use  these Web Cams  as research or  as I prefer  to do it,  as the couch potatoes way to travel New England. Either way its fun to drop in on my page and take a look at what is going on around New England. From the first leaves turning shades of New England fall colors to the first leaves budding out in Spring, these cameras are fun to check out.

Affiliate Connections

I have two affiliate connections. Both have pages that reside on this site and if you purchase an item/make a reservation through them, I do get a few pennies back towards paying for web hosting and in a good year, gas money!

  • Thrifty lodgings – I use this each time I’m on the road and it works for me but if you get a place that isn’t  good enough then please let them know about it in feedback and then drop a comment back with me. I’ve had several good ones and one bad motel.
  • Amazon.com – I’ve put together a list of items that I think would be very helpful for planning your trip. From Gazetteers to GPSs and travel books on New England. Clicking an item on this page will take you to Amazon and they handle the rest of the sale.

Advertising on this site

This page will give you general rates for advertising on this site.  I only allow  so much room  for advertising  so make sure you get a bid in quickly.  Advertising locations on the pages and posts are first come, first serve. If  you want to get a good spot for next year, you need to do it now!

Disclaimer about my advice or predictions

This page is all the legalese that is supposed to remind you that I’m only a human being. I have NO divine powers to predict where and when peak fall foliage will make its appearance. I will give you my best guess based on years of searching for the fall colors myself in New England.


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  1. Jeff, when is the average peak for Berkshire, Mass and Litchfield, CT.? We are planning October 11 thru the 17th but can change. I know there are lots of factors in color.

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    • Those sound like good dates to me. I am seeing (so far) drought conditions start up across parts of New England and I’m going to try and figure the impact of this fall. We had a dry summer in 2012 and that turned out interesting… (more on that later this week) But depending on temps those dates should be good… If we get a warmer Sept (not a cool Sept then the dates might prove a little early but with it being dry then we may want to err on the early side since the leaves won’t need much of an excuse to leaf the trees… (pun intended) :-)

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  2. Sorry, I didn’t realize you had replied to my email. Thank you so much for the information on probable best dates to view fall foliage. I’m on this page because I do not find an area to reply on the page you replied to my comments and question.

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    • Hi Andrea, I XXX’d out your email since we don’t need to make it easier for spammers. I look forward to your questions here on the website. While I can work through emails I prefer comments since the question you ask may help someone else.
      So! to start off your note says October. You need to plan on where you will be visiting and what you want to see. Look over my articles and see what answers you can find there…

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