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First day of summer arrives, yet fall is just around the corner!

Beautiful fall foliage colors over Jackson NH from Crawford Notch road.Autumn rambles of my mind… And summer is just here on my doorstep.

Well, we hit the first day of summer and as every year, I have roughly, the same thoughts.

First: the spring which was longer and colder than I like (it always is) has me thinking that we will have a great fall foliage season. (just an early prediction and it applies to this year also)

Groton state park Vermont

Seyon pond at Groton state park Vermont

Second: With the summer solstice’s arrival, we’re on a downward spiral to fall with the days getting shorter every day.

Third: The transition from summer to fall is always a bittersweet occasion where I embrace each morning noting the cooler temperatures by the steam rising off my coffee. I also realize that these mornings are numbered and before long I’ll be forced inside to look out on November’s bare trees.

Fourth: Even though Il know that this day will soon warm up. I also know that in only a few weeks the days will warm up less and less.

Fifth: As we roll into September, I’ll be fighting the cat for a sunny spot on the carpet to warm my toes up on…

Sharon Vermont foliage with Banstand

Do you lose things? I lost an entire bandstand!

I drive a lot of miles through New England fall foliage and I come across many neat places by accident.  Over the years I “found” a bandstand surrounded by maples that in early morning light looks great because of the morning sun makes the leaves glow.  Someone asked where it was recently and I couldn’t for the life of me pinpoint its location.  I mean I can tell you the dates I photographed it and even the time of day..

(Thank God for digital brains in our cameras). If you want to know where this is, read the last paragraph…

My solution for this problem resulted in several purchases.

A Vermont silo towers above orange foliage

First I use a digital audio recorder to babble into during my drives. (Remember hands free babbling)  Second,  I now use a couple of tracking devices. One is a GPS tracking device (I-gotU) that I sync with my camera’s clock and as I go through the day, it keeps track of my route and puts my pictures on the route where I take them. Next as of this spring I started using Everytrail software on my Android phone. Tell me in the comments if you’re interested in these software trackers and I’ll do a post on them.

Jeff “Foliage” Folger

Want a little something to start your fall foliage craving Check out this video on You tube

Bandstand found in Sharon:

I was travelling to the Quechee balloon festival and due to traffic I went past the Quechee exit to the Sharon exit.  I got off 89 in Sharon VT and headed south on route 132 and a second later I found my bandstand next to the Sharon Congregational church and across from the Sharon Trading post.. (Always a nice stop when you’ve been on the road for a while)

Are you starting to look for ideas for your autumn fall travels? Then stay with me here as I spin my stories of fall travels of scenic New England.  If you are a facebook-aholic try my New England Fall Foliage page.

I, of course am never far away and you can find me prowling the foliage forum . If you have an immediate need you can reach me at jeff.foliage at and I will do my best to answer but since I don’t have anyone to answer my emails your wait time for an answer will vary.
Either way, I look forward to chatting with all of you this season!

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