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Vermont's fall foliage on the Jenne farm near Woodstock Vermont

 Fall foliage Drive on 29 September 2010…

Vermont's fall foliage on a small side road near Woodstock Vermont

Vermont's fall foliage near Woodstock Vermont

Today is the beginning of August but this morning felt like a New England fall foliage morning in September.  The air was cool, but not so that you would want to be inside, rather it felt invigorating.  This weekend it’ll be back up in the 90s so just for this moment, I could imagine that this is a few months later and I’m looking out on fall foliage in New England.

Henniker covered bridge in New Hampshire

Henniker covered bridge in New Hampshire

The start of the foliage drive

Lisa and I started our day’s journey and even though it was only the 29th September, we decided that instead of pushing to northern Vermont or New Hampshire we would head to the mid-section of NH and VT.

Due to reports of earlier than normal color we wanted to vary our routine.  I’m normally up in sugar Hill NH looking for peak fall foliage.  Today I got off the highway at Henniker, NH and we located the Henniker covered bridge, which had a little color around it.

Hans Eccardt on his Segway

Hans Eccardt on his Segway

After that we drove the back roads towards Vermont and we came upon a low farm building with farm equipment on the roof???   (If you click the photo of Hans on the Segway you can see the roof w/equipment.)

I of course had to stop and photograph this and a few minutes after stopping the farmer came out of the barn to see what we were doing.  What made this unusual was that he was on a Segway.  He told us that he had health problems and this was the doctors way for him to get around the farm and not wear himself out.

Farm museum is another way to make ends meet

Hans Eccardt has quite the collection

Hans Eccardt, the farmer has all the usual troubles in life from getting enough money for his products to raising animals and passing his farm down to his kids.  I have to admit this is the first time I’d seen a farm museum as a way for a farmer to make money on top of selling produce.

A gargoyle is surrounded by fall foliage

A gargoyle is surrounded by fall foliage

We left his farm driving the back roads of New Hampshire.  We don’t like to drive the main roads when we go exploring.   This doesn’t mean I want to go 4 wheeling with my Gran Marquis,  but I still want to find things that you won’t see every day.

What follows are some of the scenes and arts that Lisa and I found during our foliage travels through New Hampshire and Vermont.

Old shack sags under the weight of the years with orange and red foliage in the trees above

Old shack sags with orange and red foliage in the trees above

Even though it was still very early in the season for fall foliage color, Lisa and I were finding very pleasing color.  Like most of you, I go traveling to these areas to find old barns with a backdrop of orange or red Maples and golden hued Birch. What do you go looking for??? Leave a comment!

Occasionally like this day we found two new covered bridges.  Earlier in the morning it was the Henniker covered bridge and in the afternoon it was the Prentiss covered bridge (number 19).  It’s been restored and moved to the side of the road to sit out its days in relative comfort.

Fort at four is a nice way to spend the afternoon exploring history

Fort at four is a nice way to spend the afternoon exploring history

 The Fort at number four
We stopped at the Fort at number four, which is right on the banks of the Connecticut River and if you go to Charlestown proceeding up route 12 then cutting over on Route 11 towards the river you will find the signs for the Fort.  Mostly they’re only open on the weekends once October rolls around, they have reenactments and at the end of October, they have Halloween events for the kids.

Vermont's fall foliage on the Jenne farm near Woodstock Vermont

Vermont's Jenne farm near Woodstock Vermont

The Jenne farm.
It’s not easy to find the Jenne farm but if you go to Woodstock and come out on route 4 West out of Woodstock you should find the Jenne farm road.  If you don’t think you can find it you can go online to Arnold Kaplan’s website and purchase his pamphlet on all the Vermont classic scenic locations.  Over the past 50 years as a photographer, he has been recording all the locations of classic iconic Vermont scenes and he has put them into a pamphlet so you can locate them also.

Vermont's fall foliage on the Jenne farm near Woodstock Vermont

a classic view of the Jenne farm near Woodstock Vermont

I want you to realize that I was photographing at the wrong time of day. It was around 3PM,  when Lisa and I arrived at the Jenne farm.

This is also the mid section of Vermont (Woodstock) so the color was just starting.  To me this is incredible because I normally send folks up to the northern sections of New England to search for fall foliage.  For 29 September I think the color was well ahead of it’s time.

The Jenne farm is a working farm

The first thing I want you to note that the Jenne farm is a working farm and if you appreciate them letting you walk around their farm and take pictures then you should make a donation. There is a donation box on the tree near this classic view to the left, and…

If you go down to the farmhouse, you will find they have maple syrup and produce available on the front porch where you pay on the honor system.  Their maple syrup is very good, Vermont grade A!

Overall for 29 September the color was above-average and very good but at no time did I see peak fall foliage and I would not at expected to either.  I would bet that if it had been a week or so later we would’ve seen much better color throughout our days travels.

2011 New England fall foliage? Prime or fizzle?

Church steeple reflecting in ponds surface along with reds and orange fall foliage

Church steeple reflection

Mother Nature always holds these cards close to her chest and as we go through the rest of the summer and into early September we will have a much better feel for what is coming this fall.

Some folks noted in the fall foliage forum that weather channel (if they are to be believed), and I am not one to put my faith in the words of the weatherman, that this fall is going to be warmer than normal.

Vermont barn amid fall's colorful foliage on a sunny day

Vermont barn amid fall's colorful foliage

What this means for us: This could be a long drawn out fall foliage process where the color will start in mid September but we won’t see peak fall color until October.  This may also mean that if we get storms like we didn’t 2010,   the colors will be knocked down each time a storm comes through.

So what I want you to do is cross your fingers and hope for cooler temperatures at night and no wind and rainstorms.

If you have questions feel free to leave comments here or visit the fall foliage forum on this site and I will answer your questions to the best of my ability there.

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  1. The temperatures have gotten more reasonable around these parts at nights for now at least. The low to mid 60’s have been the average. It is a nice break that brings us all the closer to fall :).

    • We are also receiving some very nice temperatures over the past few days. The morning temps have been cool and in the afternoons I’ve been hearing the siren’s call of the cicada. These two events are usually the transition from summer to fall. Will we get another batch of 90+ degree days? could be… But I would only be concerned if we hit September and then had a run of 90 degree days.
      I prefer to enjoy the warmth now as summer is slowly sliding into fall and I love these more moderate days. I like to enjoy each day and appreciate it all… Of course this is one of the last days this year where the sunset is 8PM or later.. Within a day it will be next May before we get a sunset past 8PM. 🙁 and at the same time 🙂

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