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Fall foliage – New England style.

New England fall foliage, the mere thought conjures scenes of little white churches, a bandstand on the town common and harvest festivals all wrapped up in a fall foliage bow of red and gold.

Elements of a great foliage town

What elements make up a great fall foliage town? Last year, Yankee made up a list of elements to rank towns in New England for the best fall foliage town. My criterion (which is much shorter than their list), is this.

  • I’m looking for great photographic subjects surrounded by wonderful fall foliage.
  • Now if there is a lake or river running through that town for great reflections, all the better but it’s not mandatory.

Maybe you have a favorite criteria that you’d like to add?

New Salem, Mass

main street in New Salem MA with fall foliage lining both sides of the road

Main St, New Salem

Lisa and I were exploring the Quabbin reservoir over a Columbus Day weekend. We had many adventures exploring the different little towns that surround the reservoir. (Such as the town of Dana which is at the bottom of the reservoir)
We were on the North West side of the Quabbin (route 202) when I saw a sign that said, New Salem.  Since I live in Old Salem, (Witch Central) Massachusetts, it was just natural that I wanted to explore this New Salem.
We drove onto main street heading south and I immediately pulled over. Both sides of the street were lined with red and orange Maples. There was still a bit of green on the Maples, but it served to counterpoint the gorgeous reds and oranges.

Time for Exploring

New England rock wall with large orange and yellow maple

rock wall

grey horse looking through the fence for an apple or treat


I got out of the car and proceeded up the street. There were no cars anywhere in sight. In fact I didn’t see anyone besides Lisa and myself on the main street. To my right was a rock wall and past that were horse paddocks. A grey pony came up to the fence and put its head in between the rails. I assume it was hoping for an apple but even if I had one, I never would have given it a treat. Disappointed he soon went off to check other areas of the field.

several horses running across the field, kicking up their heels in play

Kicking up their heels

On the other side of the paddock, three other horses were standing still and I brought my camera up to take a picture of them but the scene was too static. Luck favors the prepared though, when all of a sudden all three of the ponies kicked up their heels in play and ran kicking their heels up for a few steps. I got in just three shots before they were once again standing still. Their only movement was the sweeping of their tails back and forth. I stood there for a minute, not believing my good luck.

New Salem white church with fall foliage framing the steeple

Classic white church with foliage

I continued walking up the street past a little white church with a tall pointed steeple and then I crossed to where a small white building sat. It didn’t have any markings like that of a store or business and it seemed a little worse for wear. I’m still not sure what that building was but it was interesting and it did have very nice orange leaves framing the building.

Ghost town

old unknown building with orange leaves

old building

I still haven’t seen anybody in our little ghost town of New Salem, but I wasn’t minding it too much. Photographers usually have the problem of too many people and too many things in their pictures and we have to struggle to find an angle that focuses on one subject.

Horses in paddock with autumn's colors of orange and red covering the scene

Autumn scene

Today I didn’t have that trouble, I had no people, no cars parked in the way and no power lines. Here are the directions to get to this nirvana of small town America, you get off Route 202 on the northwest side of the Quabbin go to S. Main St. making a right and then park your car and walk your way up the hill. I need to go back here and really explore further. There are many roads that go out of town right to the shore of the Quabbin.

If you know anything about me, you know I like to explore the fall foliage of New England and I hope you do too.

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