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Covered bridges are down in various parts of New England

Everybody has seen the footage of the Bartonsville covered bridge: Bartonsville Covered Bridge and according to Vermont officials out of the 102 covered bridges only two were totally lost. I’m still trying to tell if the second one was the Cox Brook bridge.. I’m having trouble getting verification.

(Update on the Quechee covered bridge)

If you are traveling in NH or VT then these two website will be invaluable.

I got a call from USA Today travel and we chatted on the impact from Irene and I’ll stand by my current prediction that while the hurricane didn’t exactly  help, in the terms of leaves it didn’t do that much damage… BUT!!! if we get too much more rain or another hurricane then all bets are off and my predictions aren’t worth a plug nickel… 🙁

Excerpt from USA Today

Meanwhile, Jeff “Foliage” Folger (that’s his affectionate nickname) still is assessing leaf conditions all over New England post-hurricane. He’s the photographer and former Yankee magazine fall foliage blogger who now keeps leaf lovers updated via “In much of Vermont the rain was needed (just not all at once)…         Read the rest here:

If you have any questions stop in on the fall foliage forum on this site and drop me a note there or comments about the covered bridges below and  remember you can use your Face Book login to register on the site.

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Vermont loses two Covered bridges to Irene — 2 Comments

  1. From all that I have read online is that the Cox Brook Bridge was damaged but is still standing. The other bridge that was lost is the Queche Bridge.

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