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2011 New England fall foliage conditions

red maple leaves after an October rain shower

red maple leaves

I assume the big question on most leaf peepers minds is this: Are there any leaves left on the trees?  (YES!)

I talked with both the Vermont and Massachusetts forestry service and both agree that while there was some leaf loss, it was early enough in the season that it didn’t impact the fall foliage in New England beyond a minor loss to the leaf canopy. In both cases they needed the rain… But they wished it had come down over a weeks time period and not over a few hours.  🙁

Road closures in general:

On the left side of the page I’ve posted links to all six New England states road status sites (Plus NY, who knows you may want to head there).

Be sure to bookmark this page and no matter where you travel in the next two months you will be able find out if your route will be impacted. It will also allow you to reroute your trip and get around the worse road outages.

Massachusetts and Connecticut road report:

As of today the roads in Massachusetts  and Connecticut are in good shape and you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting around on the west side of either state. Traffic in and around Boston? Well that’s up to you to risk 🙂

Vermont road closures

Scarlet red maple leaves adorn the roads of Vermont

Scarlet red leaves

Vermont seems to have gotten hit the hardest and there are roads out all through the southern half of the state. As of the 1st of Sept at 10AM, Route 7 has about  5 miles of closures on it.  Route 100 was very hard hit and has many closures along it’s length. For the other road reports please click on the  links that follow.

My Contact in the Vermont AOT has passed me a link for the State website that has road closures and openings. and you can get the most current information here I also have the link for Vermont’s 511 on the left side of the page and this Google based map is a great resource for avoiding the road problems.

Luckily as of this morning it looks like only a couple of road closures are noted in the North East Kingdom. So you should have lots of options for travel, early in the fall foliage season. If you are going to visit between 15 Sept and 6 October then you will be most interested in the top 1/3 of Vermont and that area is in very good shape…

As we get to the second week of October though now you will need to pay close attention to the road reports to avoid having to back track or getting side tracked. “I believe” (my opinion only) is that most of the road closures will be fixed by the time the prime fall foliage viewing comes to mid or southern Vermont.

If you have any questions then leave a comment here or start a topic in the fall foliage forum.


Next week King Richards Fair and the Asian Longhorn beetle

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2011 New England fall foliage conditions — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Inland Maine survived Irene with little damage to the tree canopy. The Moosehead Lake Region of Greenville Maine did not seen the heavy rains and flooding that other New England States did. Trees have started to turn and with lack of sun over the past week and cool evening temps, I expect to see colors coming on more this week.

    The maple tree out my window that I have been watching for 14 years is turning a beautiful deep purple red versus the scarlet red that I have seen in the past. The beauty of fall is that no season is exactly the same, and you can visit every year and see something different. 🙂 Right now early fall travellers will be rewarded with fields of golden rod, sunflowers, corn mazes, warmer temps then later in the season, an abundance of wild mushrooms ( I discovered over 8 different ones) and hints and tinges of colors.

    Anyone intrested in fall seasonal updates can follow me on twitter and facebook or check out Moosehead Lake Maine Vacation Blog. Fall trip planning has been my passion for years now and helping others enjoy the beauty is a blessing I like to share with others.

    Be colorful and have fun..
    Heather Davis
    Cozy Moose Lakeside Cabins

  2. Ron and I visited Brattleboro VT’s farmers market on Sat 9/3. Last Sunday it was a raging torrent. Everyone got together to clean up and the market was very lively and festive. Some farmers have lost a lot of crops. Some CSAs have had to close due to flooding. FDA regulations won’t allow vegetables from flooded fields to be sold nor used for animal consumption. From there we traveled up I91 to Norwich. Heard Rutland also has a great market. Both good places to stop for lunch esp if you like ethnic food.

    Noticed some early red swamp maples, typical of this time of year but also bits of yellow/orange in distant hills. Much to my dismay, fall is on its way.

    Was surprised that there will be a Keene Pumpkin Festival this year. I thought 2010 was the last.

    • Hi Donna, that is the very thing about small communities that I love. When things get tough, people pull together. My road travels are going to be limited this fall so I’ll be looking for lots of reports from my friends like you and those in the New England Photography Guild.
      Together we’re going to have a great fall…
      As far as the Keene festival… Well, what can I say, they told me that last year was their last but maybe they got such an outcry of requests to continue that they had to rethink their decision. So I will be posting that festival in my festival listings…
      I also now realized that I left out a couple of other fall festivals and now that Yankee has pulled a lot of my articles I may have to revisit those stories so people can find these little hidden gems.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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