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Early look at fall foliage on 23 Sept – foliage update MA, NH, VT

a little bit of color but still pretty green

a little bit of color but still pretty green

Well, Lisa is on her way up into Vermont and is checking the fall foliage along the way.  She said that color along Route 93 in Massachusetts started around the 495/93 interchange. and from there north it continued.  It wasn’t hard hitting color but what appeared to be trees in swampy areas. But it was color…

She said the rest stop on I-89 at Springfield is very pretty but just starting (no surprises there).

She took a side trip off I-89 at exit 13 (still in NH)  onto route 10 and you go north for a short ride 1 or 2 miles. The first image is of Nightingale road and I think she took it due to us living on Nightingale road also.

Barn with sign and some color in the distance

Barn with sign and some color in the distance

She reported that there were several old barns along this road. A sign on one barn said Yankee farm barn.. at the end of the road your only choice is to jump back on 89 so if you want a shot little detour off I-89 then try exit 13 in a week or two and let me know what you find.


I hope your journey’s this weekend are happy and safe ones. If you didn’t notice here are my recommendations for this weekend.

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