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How to tell if you are a leaf peeper!

Ok, it’s the middle of the week and there isn’t much new to report until we see how the weather affects us this weekend. So I put this together to help you identify whether or not you are a leaf peeper. The problem is I know I’m a bit obsessed about searching for fall foliage, so what’s your excuse?

If you are reading this then you are probably a leaf peeper. 🙂

  1. Autumn colors of orange and yellow

    Autumn colors

    You’re a leaf peeper if… you have a bumper sticker that reads “I break for fall foliage”.

  2.  You’re a leaf peeper if… you get into Vermont and feel you’re speeding if you exceed 20mph.
  3.  You’re a leaf peeper if… You count the days until the fall issue of Yankee hits your mailbox
  4.  You’re a leaf peeper if… You know that   if    the car in front of you is a leaf peeper then you need to give them extra room because at any moment they will pull over to snap a picture of fall foliage.
  5.  You’re a leaf peeper if… you see a branch covered in red and orange and you nearly have an accident looking for more color.
  6.  You’re a leaf peeper if…  The perfect day involves apple picking, apple cider, cider donuts, and finding fall foliage, bright fall color over a covered bridge and reflection of all that underneath it.
  7. Lake Chocorua in New Hampshire with red maple laying on the water reflecting it's color

    Red maple reflection

    You’re a leaf peeper if… You made your reservations for next year, even before you left the B&B where you were staying this fall  for your fall foliage trip the following year.

  8.  You’re a leaf peeper if… Your big vacation isn’t during the summer but at the beginning of October
  9.  You’re a leaf peeper if… You look forward to the overnight temps in northern VT, NH, and ME dropping into the 40s and the first frost of fall.
  10.  You’re a leaf peeper if… a slow October train ride through foliage filled notch’s in the Mountains sounds like heaven
  11.  You’re a leaf peeper if… a two for one special isn’t found in a store; it means you’ve found a pond with gorgeous color reflected in the mirror like surface.
  12.  You’re a leaf peeper if… You show images of trees with red and gold that you photographed instead of your grand-kids
  13.  You’re a leaf peeper if… You have a Delorme map book for each New England state with all of each your routes marked in it.
  14.  A humpback whale covered in fall foliageYou’re a leaf peeper if… Your friends tell you that you are a bit obsessed with fall foliage. And your new nickname is Ahab and they make a leaf collage in the shape of a whale… No, no one has done this for me, yet.. 🙂
Jeff Foliage
I hope this gave you a good Foliage day chuckle!


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  2. You are a leafer if you call any random State of Vermont office and ask what time the leaves will peak? (I am not kidding, we get one of these calls every year.)

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