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King Richard's Fair in Carver Ma with Renaissance actors and jugglers and knights
King Richard’s Renaissance Faire opens for 30th anniversary with colorful jugglers, knights jousting from horse back and beautiful wenches, all amid the peaceful pines of Carver Massachusetts.

Man walks through fair with a tankard on his bald head at King Richards FaireAs always my biggest problem was where to point my camera. First you have the fantastic displays of costumes of both the actors and the visitor’s, who in many cases rivaled the actors who work there. People wait all year and travel long distances to display their costumes. These are not Halloween costumes but expensively made works of art in their own right.

Robert Johnson of T.I.G.E.R.S. a exotic animal conservation group

Robert Johnson

Next you have exotic Animals, from tigers to rare birds that are rarely seen outside of zoo’s.  I met with Robert Johnson from T.I.G.E.R.S. which is an exotic animal conservation group based out of north Myrtle Beach SC. He’s a Senior Trainer at the Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species.

Robert first introduced me to Archimedes a  rare Eurasian eagle owl which is one of the largest owl species in the world.

Robert Johnson of T.I.G.E.R.S. a exotic animal conservation group with Harris hawkNext he brought out Cheyenne, a Harris hawk. The Harris Hawk is notable for its behavior of hunting cooperatively in “packs” consisting of family groups while most other raptors hunt in solitude.

African fish eagle being held by Robert Johnson of T.I.G.E.R.S. a conservation groupFinally Robert brought out Ahren, an African fish eagle that has been raised since it came from Africa and was hand-tamed for the show.

King's Richard's court in the stands observes the jousting on the field of honorThree times during the day King Richard’s Court meets on the jousting fields to see who the best knight in the realm is.  During the day they compete to show their prowess with lance and sword and show their worthiness to be knights.

jousting on horseback at King Richards faire in Carver Massachusetts.Also during the day undercurrents of competitiveness between the knights comes out and in the end one knight is shown to be a traitor to the knights code and suffers the foulest of fates. But you have to stay till the last show at 5PM to witness the final battle to the death.  I will note the no knights were harmed in the making of this production but I think when one fell of his horse, he came close to getting kicked by the horse… So it was a close thing.

Knight with flaming sword at King Richard's Faire in Carver MassachusettsAlso the most dramatic fights are seen during this final battle so you will want to make sure to pace yourself and not be too worn out to watch the battle to the death with weapons flaming!  I will say that I thought it was very cool.. or hot, either way it was well worth staying to the final end.

Robert Johnson and China with baby tiger at King Richard's faire in Carver MassachusettsFor those with young children, who worry about it being gory, I don’t feel it’s anything to worry about. I will say this is just my opinion though so please don’t yell at me, about how violent it was… 🙂

tiger at King Richard's faire in Carver MassachusettsI stayed for the final cat show at the end of the day and I was glad I stayed for it.  My only experience  with big cats (outside of my Maine coon) is at zoo’s and the circus. In all these places the big cats are safely behind thick iron bars and I’m not particularly worried about them. In this show they bring the baby tigers out first to start small and not shock the crowd by having a large carnivore on an open stage.

Rare white tiger at King Richard's faire in Carver MassachusettsI was immediately reminded of a T-shirt I saw up in Alaska that said: “Get out of the car and join the food chain”. When they brought out the first adult tiger I was uncomfortable for a minute with the realization that there was nothing between the audience and this 400lb pussycat.  I know they have a good set of protocols in place for safety but when they finally bring out Hercules who weighs in at 900lbs I wished for some bars.

Rare Liger, Hercules at King Richard's faire in Carver MassachusettsHercules is a Liger which is the offspring of a Lion father and a tiger mother. I didn’t even know they could or would do that. At the end of the show I was catching a few last shots of Hercules licking his paw when he stopped and seemed to fix his gaze on me. This is when you realize it is by the grace of God that we are at the top of that food chain. He is a beautiful animal though and it was well worth seeing.

To view more images I’m providing this slide show.
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  2. each year our family leaves quincy , picks up more family in braintree,and heads to the faire and have a great time. we eat, drink, play the games, and use the rides. we love that your workers have no problem getting thier pictures taken with us… but of all the wonderful things.. we have to tell you.. we love the gargoyles the best !!!! please keep them each year thanks for all the fun and God willing,, we will see you next year !!

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