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Peak foliage report for New England

My suggested routes last week yielded good to near peak fall foliage in New England.  My suggested foliage routes for this past weekend (24th and 25th of Sept) were apparently pretty close.

Northern Vermont and Jay peak at Peak!


Highgate VT – light color

Montgomery road to Jay peak fall color

Leaving Montgomery for Jay Peak

Now the Monday morning quarterbacking begins. I’m happy to say that my expectations for peak fall foliage in  Vermont were right on. My wife went up to St Albans VT and while she was there she did see some decent color.  On Sunday she drove over to Jay Peak via Montgomery and the color in Montgomery was very good (50-75% of peak).

She was able to stop and get a quick shot of the Comstock and Fuller covered bridges. Both bridges had some nice colorful trees near them to frame in the shot. From there she drove up the auto road to Jay Peak village and she thought she’d get skunked again… We’ve never been there and caught peak fall foliage.


Fuller covered bridge


Comstock covered bridge

She was driving up the Jay peak road and the clouds were so low to obscure the trees on the way up so she thought the top would also be socked in. Once there though she was near the top of the cloud deck and the sun was poking through the clouds.

As you can see in the slide show below (looks great in full screen) the cold spell we had along with frost has put Jay Peak at Peak or at least 95% of peak and if you go up this week you should still see a great show of Peak.

New Hampshire’s North Country

Michelle Brenholtz went over into the North Country of New Hampshire and tells us that she found that NH’s North Country was showing high but not peak color. So this week it will continue to build and peak should be seen as the color slides further south into the northern edge of the White Mountains and Sugar Hill.

Beaver Brook Falls on Route 145 near Colebrook, NH Great North Woods taken 9232011

Beaver Brook Falls

Michelle doesn’t have a website but you can view her work on the New England Photography Guilds FaceBook page.  Her first shot is Beaver Brook Falls on Route 145 near Colebrook, NH Great North Woods taken Sept 23 2011

The second photo was taken from the road on Route 26 Dixon Notch North Country, NH. This drive was amazing! It was yesterday…September 23, 2011

Fall foliage Dixville Notch and a view of the Balsams resort

Dixville Notch and a view of the Balsams resort on 13 Sept, hints of color!


Michelle says: “Seems the color is coming in quickly this year, I drove through Franconia Notch and also up Route 16 by Mt. Washington. The color there seems moderate but coming in good. I don’t remember it being this far along the end of September last year”.

Northern Maine

Near Greenville Maine and Lake Moosehead - Currier's Flying Service, Inc

Near Greenville and Lake Moosehead Maine

I am waiting to hear from other folks but so far it looks like my WAG was pretty accurate… Maine (greenville) jumped to 45% of peak by Sunday (thanks to Heather Davis of Cozy Moose cabins) and Roger Currier of Currier’s flying services  has photos like this up on his Face Book page that indicate that the color is flowing south out of the Aroostook area of Maine and the Greenville area is moving to peak this week?

What does this coming week hold? Stay tuned foliage fans for my WAG (or maybe WAFG) for this week into the weekend. (Here’s a hint… I see a colorful weekend ahead…)


Jeff “Foliage” Folger
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Peak foliage report for New England — 13 Comments

  1. hello, love pics.of the foliage,and autumn color I have TO SEE this for my self. DO you know of bus leave out of the city ?PLS. HELP

    • Well, I guess that would depend on which city. And just any bus leaving the city wouldn’t help. Please start with which city and then I might have a suggestion.
      Next I would look for fall foliage tours and see how close they are to where you live. For instance if you live in Boston, then you will find several tour carriers that operate from there.
      Now if you live in Oklahoma City… Well then you will have to get here first!

  2. Thanks Lisa and Michelle for the color reports and images! Looks like it is shaping up to be a beautiful year to get out, take your camera and explore New England! Thanks Jeff !

  3. Jeff,

    This information is very useful. I’m so glad I found this page! I am wondering though if the color will be past peak by Columbus Day weekend in areas such as Pittsburg, NH and Greenville, Maine. Any idea?


    • Melissa, I’m glad you found the page also.. 🙂
      Well this year is a bit hard to guesstimate because as I say every year. Each year is as unique as snow flakes. (that really helps doesn’t it…)
      With the fall temps arriving earlier than expected. It had brought on the color sooner than years past but the warm wet weather should have slowed down the changing color somewhat.
      Bu no matter what Pittsburg and Greenville should be past peak by the CD weekend. If you have reservations you can always travel south into the White Mountains or even into the northern portion of the lakes region.
      I think also that unless we get a blow the leaves don’t turn red and fall off the trees in one pile… (if they did homeowners would ever so happy)
      They take their time and one by one meander their way to the ground.

      So if we are REAL! lucky and we have no windy days between now and then, you could arrive up there to some leaf canopy. But since these areas are just this week/end coming into peak, you will be a week past peak when you arrive…
      That’s the short of it.
      The long of it is you’ll get to explore and drive the back roads looking for color. And if you come back here as you are going I may have some pointers from other leaf peepers as to where the color is happening. If you have a smart phone with twitter you can follow me and I’ll try to respond…(no guarantees on speed of reply).
      I hope this helps…

      • Thanks for the info. I was hoping to get up there this weekend, but the weather is looking pretty rainy. Hoping the forecast drastically changes! I am following you on twitter, so I will keep checking for updates. Thanks again!

        • I know but right now it’s 30-40% chance of rain and Sunday is looking like mostly sunny… But you know how it goes… If you do show then it rains and if you don’t the nicest fall day in 10 years… 🙁
          I’ve got family issues so I have to cancel tomorrow.. I will do my best to get some good updates up…

    • Confirmed that Pittsburgh and all the way down to Franconia is fading. North Franconia is where we saw peak color on the hills.

  4. Jeff,
    Thanks to Lisa for the photos as well as the photos of northern NH and Maine. We leave next Monday, Oct. 3, and this helps us know where to look for great color. Love your site!

    Kathy and Tyler

    • Another update, We went up into Northern NH and Lancaster and south and west of there on Route 135 was past peak a bit. still color but it was fading. North Franconia looked great though.

  5. I don’t see any reason why you won’t and if perchance it’s getting a little past peak there, then I have several drives on the south side of the white mountains and into the lakes region… Squam Lake?? (think on golden pond) Also Jackson NH and Conway… All these ares should be looking very nice.

  6. Hello Jeff. Thanks 4 the updates. I am planning to visit the White mountains by OCT 8,9. Would I be able to see peak color along Route 112 (The Kanc). Plz let me know ur thoughts/inputs. Thanks again.

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