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My suggested fall foliage routes 1-2 Oct 2011

General thoughts on this coming weekend

The warm and muggy weather we received last week/weekend and through today has slowed the color turn a little but as we go into the weekend of the 1st & 2nd of Oct we will see it pick up again as the temps drop back into the 50’s for daytime temperatures.

The short of this is that we are right where we should be at this time of year. So keep making your plans because from what I’m seeing the color is some of the best I’ve seen in several years. Now for this weekends hot zones for fall foliage leaf peeping.

 Vermont Reports:

Northern VT:


Jay Peak - peak foliage

Right now I know the color in the higher elevations of Jay peak is at peak and over in the NEK the color is just starting to approach moderate color but I think next week will be the week for the NEK in the lower elevations while this weekend the higher elevation will be showing high color just shy of peak.

Central VT:

In the Central region good to moderate color is being reported in Middlebury, Barre, Orange and Groton State Park. I would look at Seyon pond and see what you find in the heart of Groton SP. Also in the higher regions of the Green Mountains are showing peak and this weekend through next week that peak fall foliage will be moving down to the valleys and places like Danby and Manchester on the west side of the GMs will be hitting their stride at their normal time of 7-10 Oct.

Groton State Forest October 26

Groton State Forest October 26, 2011 Michelle Brenholtz

Groton State Forest - Michelle Brenholtz






Southern VT:

Good to small patches of moderate color at this time and if the weather proceeds as normal by Columbus Day weekend you will see peak moving into the south.

New Hampshire reports

Northern NH:

The North woods are seeing some great color and drives up Route 3 into Pittsburgh are yielding spectacular scenic drives. Watch your driving though since this route is also called Moose ally for a good reason! We don’t want to have anyone’s vacation ruined by running into a 1200 moose. Pictures only please…

Milan NH fall foliage from fire tower shows fabulous autumn color as far as the eye can see

Fire tower view of fall foliage

Another drive would be to take 26 over to Errol and then down 16 to Milan. ***Secret location don’t tell anyone*** When you get to Milan look on the west side of the road for the road up to the Milan state park and once there get out of the dang car… I mean how long can you stay in there after all??? Look for the fire spotters tower and climb up.

Be prepared for cold winds but the view is incredible!

Center Ossipee:

Marion Rines at Grant Hill Antiques at 53 Main street tells me that the fall foliage color is just starting on their side of the White Mountains. She feels that over the next two weeks you will find really good peak fall foliage in this area.

I also will remind you that if you aren’t finding autumn color then another benefit of traveling and searching is finding a place like Grant Hill Antiques. You will be enchanted by their emporium. The old wood floors creek with the thousands of shoes that have crossed the threshold. They have so many things that you will just have to stop in to see them

Kancamagus Highway:

Betty Gagne at the New Hampshire tourism dept says the west side of the Kanc (higher in elevation)  is showing really bright color and the east side (lower elevation) is slowly coming along but it will provide a good drive this weekend for those who want a nice easy ride.

What I would do though is head north on Bear Notch  road and catch 302 to the west and it changes to Crawford Notch road. I’d rate the road at decent but if you have a real low riding car then instead stay on more of a main road of 302 east towards Route 16 and back south to North Conway.

Michelle Brenholtz has been traveling this past week and she has been updating me with photos of her travels. You can view more of her work here on her Flickr photo sharing page. Here are a few shots of what she was seeing on Monday the 26th.

Beaver Pond off of Route 112 September 26

Beaver Pond off of Route 112 - October 26, 2011 - Michelle Brenholtz

Beaver Pond off of Route 112







Owl’s Head summit, October 26

Owl's Head summit, October 26, 2011 - Michelle Brenholtz

Owl's Head summit, October 26


Pinkham Notch NH

Tom at the Pinkham Notch visitor center says at their @2000′ ft alt that the color is very  good but as you head down 16 to the valley, the color is still days away. Peak fall foliage may show up this weekend but by early next week at the latest.

Maine Reports:

Maine is right on schedule with the northern half in moderate to high color. They rate high color as up to 70% of peak. Greenville is showing high color and as you get to Rangely you drop to moderate fall foliage color. (30-50% of peak).

Fall foliage cover stairs from the old caravan route in the 1700s

Fall foliage Grafton SP 2010

I think a drive up to Rangeley this Sunday would yield good color and at the height of land pull out you’ll get good fall foliage shots of the lake below.

My suggested drive would be to come in from Errol on 26, picking up Route 16 to Rangeley and then take Route 17 south to Rumford and Mexico and then if time permits back up Route 26 to Grafton State park. Note if time permits then look for the pull outs and catch the only one there is and get out and stretch your legs.

If you have any questions or better yet suggestions! please let me know what you are seeing out on the road. Place a comment in the Foliage Forum and in the foliage reports let everyone know what you find.

I would also like to hear if I got it wrong so let me know that as well!

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