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My foliage drives for 24/25 Sept 2011,

2010 fall foliage in New Hampshire on Lost River road, the beaver pond

shot 25 Sept 2010

Fall foliage colors pop with weather just like we had with a weekend of warm daytime temps in the 60s and our evenings turned cold with the temperatures dropping into the mid-30s. We’ve had frost throughout the north country and as far south as the Berkshires of Massachusetts. These factors will have this autumn’s fall foliage colors popping later this week.

 Where will you find peak?

Peak fall foliage is still a week away maybe even further. BUT!!! I will say that you will find some very nice areas of autumn color this next weekend. All photos on this page were taken close to the 25th of Sept in either 2009 or 2010 and while past performance doesn’t guarantee future foliage performance…  Well, you get the picture.

Sugar Hill New Hampshire inbetween route 116 and 117 with the fall foliage looking good

Sugar Hill NH 25 Sept 2010

Peak fall colors in large amounts will most likely start showing the week following the 25th.  I think between Sept 25th and 1 Oct which is the normal time for peak to show up in the North East Kingdom (NEK) Vermont, Sugar Hill New Hampshire and north of Greenville Maine.

That said the colors will really start popping this week and some early suggested drives are below.

 Watch the weather forecast since that affects foliage drives for 24/25 Sept

The weather forecast for the coming 3-4 days isn’t too hopeful with clouds and some rain passing through mid-week to Friday but the weekend is looking bright and sunny (as of now) so I would say your outlook for good color are quite positive.  The pictures posted here were made on a sunny day last Sept and it was late morning or early afternoon but it shows good fall foliage color on the hills. Remember, it may be nice to have sunny days but any day out in the foliage is a good day in my book!

 Vermont drive

Seyon pond in Groton state park Vermont with fall foliage across the pond

Seyon pond, Sept 25, 2010

I think a ride up Route 5 into the northeast Kingdom and catching Route 105 over to the Jay peak area will yield some nice color in the hills leading up to Jay and you can drive past it staying on Route 105 to where it intersects 118 and take that back into Montgomery Center. (Remember there are several covered bridges either in Montgomery or right nearby. Then I would take Route 58 past Hazens Notch State Park and from there you can catch Route 100 south and head towards home.

 New Hampshire drive

Bath covered bridge in Bath New Hampshire near Sugar Hill NH

Bath Bridge, 25 Sept, 2010

I usually say stay off the highways but if you’re like me I want to get where I’m going fast and then spend my time playing when I get there. So I would take I-93 waaay up north to Franconia and Route 3. You will be one the north side of the Whites Mountains and you can take Route 115 north and east to Randolph or south or 302 through Crawford Notch and pops out at Bartlett (covered bridge alert) and depending on how your schedule is going you can head up into Jackson on Route 16 and if you stay on that you can go as far as Pinkham Notch.  At this point depending on what you have found I would turn for home, wherever that is…

 Maine drive

Fall foliage at Rangely Lake Maine on October, 2009

Maine, 2 Oct, 2009

The drive in Maine will be much farther and you are going to need to head to Moosehead lake and the route you take to get there will depend on where you are coming from. I’ve never gone up at this time of year because I just never have the time.  I always wait until the color has arrived down in the mid coast region around the 1st to 2nd week of October. The picture shown here is from 2 Oct 2009 and you can see I found a patch of Peak near Rangely Maine.

Those are the routes I would take and until the Monday following the 25th,  I won’t know for sure if any of them will produce a good drive. Visit Heather at Cozy Moose lake cabins in Greenville Maine, or click the link to visit virtually and get an update. Heather keeps me up to date and she’s happy to let you know too!

If you take any of these long drives north, I will hope you come back to this post and tell me what you found and whether or not I was right. (Close counts too, just so you know). 🙂

Escape today

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Suggested foliage drives for 24/25 Sept 2011 — 10 Comments

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  2. Color is coming on. The trails of colorful swamp maples along swamps and brooks is actually starting to go downhill. We have one swamp maple on the driveway that is brillliant red. One tree on the stonewall is colorful, another is still green. It’s definitely starting.

    Not that I’m happy about it. I want August back.

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  4. Great Article with Excellent Fall Foliage drives suggested ! Looking forward to hearing or seeing what everyone funds that goes out this weekend! Hope Vermont and other areas already saturated do not get more rain! Have a beautiful weekend, safe leaf peeping and hope to see some new photos!

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  6. I am holding out till next weekend and the weekend after to start heading north but oh boy it is just killing me!!! I would love to get out there this weekend but I have too much going on here at home and I know I will enjoy the following weekends much more!

  7. Jeff,
    Your writings are wonderfully fun and informative. Great wording! Love it all! Wish I could be there. My soul tells me I should be there but my bank account won’t let me get away from work. 🙁

    • Thanks Ray, We all have to live within our means and when you can afford it hopefully no other emergencies will conflict and we’ll have you out here again…

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