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Prize winning pumpkin in Topsfield on the side of the road

Prize winning pumpkin

I’m getting message from observers who are out on the road looking for fall colors and while I can’t verify their statements, I’m am SO! appreciative of their support. If you are out on the road and you see a great spot of color, feel free to snap a picture of it and send it to me via my Facebook foliage page or go into my foliage forum where you can up load an image (make it a small one though!) into the foliage reports topic. If you send me a picture can you also let me know if I can post it to show what you are reporting? I need the permission to use it, so if you don’t send permission then I won’t post it.

You can also send it to my twitter address Foliage_reports.

red leaves against a vivid blue sky show fall foliage is still here

red leaves against a vivid blue sky

Today’s quick report comes in from Brian:
I drove through the Wachusetts State Forest area this weekend and it seemed at peak, was gorgeous and full. I also went to the Concord area and Walden Pond. Spotty, but where the foliage still shown, it shown strong. Different sections of the park seemed at peak, while others were already sticks, and others still hadn’t changed at all. Some trees with green leave still left, you could see the leaves just dying and falling off dark brown, not even bothering to color.

I send my thanks out to Brian for this timely foliage update and I hope it helps those of you out on the roads looking for this seasons fall colors.

Also, if you haven’t noticed I just started my own New England foliage webcam page. Not all will be pointed towards the trees but they will give you a good view of New England and especially over the next few days you will see a great view at the Yankee tree cam with it’s glorious orange and red leaves! They have a contest going and if you guess the date of the last leaf to fall you win! I used to be pointed to my friend Bill’s webcam page but he is taking it down and the website is for sale.

Escape today

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