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This is my Fall foliage report for 3 Oct.

This week we are seeing the return of the sun! and the fall foliage should start moving south with gusto as the days progress into the weekend. But now I will give you…

The bad news

2005 fall color in southern New Hampshire. Late afternoon sun and autumn pond color

2005 autumn foliage color

strong orange fall foliage color with a lady bug in Massachusetts in autumn of 2005

strong orange foliage with ladybug in 2005

First off, the color is being delayed this season. This year is being compared to 2005 where we had almost 15 days of rain.  This amount of rain caused the color to develop very late but what did show was very pretty.  As you can see from these pictures there was color!

Well I have to admit that we are having a difficult fall foliage season to predict. Even with Irene we were doing pretty good but then we got the humid and rainy weather.
So where we should be is not where the color is. Right now the color is backed up into The White Mountains with a band of color stretching East into Maine and west into Vermont.

Next due to all the rain we are seeing a rise in tar spot fungus and this is making the leaf edges turn brown and causing the leaves to drop early. It’s not whole tracks of land but it is present.

Also there is leaf loss due to just the rain making the leaves heavy but it’s not causing completely bare trees by any means. Just be aware the rain has left it’s mark!

NOW! the good news

We definitely have peak color in New England and even though the next two days are showing scattered rain there will be some sun in there and then we are looking at 8-10 days of nothing but sun (You can start breathing again and stop holding your breath).

We should see a good ramping up of color as we go into Columbus Day weekend and the week after should be spectacular for color through the mid section and perhaps into the southern portions of VT/NH/ME and hopefully color into Massachusetts.

New Hampshire Report:

Hot Foliage alert although today (Monday) it is slightly rainy and cloudy Sunset Hill house in Sugar Hill is reporting that the color is looking great (bright) in that area… If you go let me know what you see. Route 142 is looking good so I assume 116/117/118 also will be good I don’t know about 112 west of woodstock NH but it could be good!!

Maine Report:

Rangely Lake Chamber is saying that to the North of them it has peaked but in close to the lake (and points south) and in the town, the color is just starting and should be really good by the weekend. (fingers crossed) The points south will be the question as to how far the peak fall foliage goes.

If I was driving that area, I would look between Rangley and Route 2.  What this would mean for routes then are… Routes 26 up into Rangely and then Routes 4 and 17 south from there, meeting up with 142 and 108 back onto Route 2 into Gorham NH.

VT Report:

Montpelier (Library)  is reporting that the color hasn’t gotten as far south as them yet so this weekend you should look north of Montpelier to Danville for good to peak color.

Noyes pond with fall foliage showing good color and dramatic clouds above with sun streaming in

Noyes pond with fall foliage

Lori  at the Emergo farm in Danville VT is reporting  very bright peak foliage color BUT! they did take a hard hit from the rain and leaf loss is noticeable. If you are out today I would look at Route 2 from I-91 and then south on the Danville/Peacham road. Stay on the Peacham road to Route 302 and head west to Groton State Forest. Here you can head up to Owls head with a view of Kettle pond (turn off on 232) or stay on 302 and go to Noyes pond which is at the end of Seyon Pond road. (I don’t have any reports for the Noyes pond area so if you go let me know what you find.

Then head west on 302 and catch the right turn and north onto Route 14 and catch Route 2 east to complete the loop.

I hope this helps and if you are out and have an internet connection stop in on the blog and post a comment to what you are seeing.  Thanks!

Escape today

Jeff Foliage

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Fall foliage report for 3 Oct 2011 — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks Jeff! Your information is very useful! We are traveling from New York to Vermont this weekend to see the foliage! This is our first time seeing red leaves!!
    We are planning to look around at killington, peacham, an stowe area… well, still doing research to see where is the best place to see beautiful foliage!! Thank you again!

    • I’ll be posting an update today so stop back in and see what is up with the color…

  2. Jeff…I drove up 93 to the village of Franconia then out 117 through Sugar Hill and then north on 302 to Littleton before swinging back down 116 and back into Franconia. I thought the color on this drive was great! Sugar Hill was amazing and the hills in Littleton had great color! Also by Cannon Mountain and Echo Lake, there was some nice color! I was blessed with some sunshine and a break from the rain when I went out yesterday. Will post pics so you can see soon.

  3. Beautiful work Jeff. A lot of people are going to be thankful to you for providing these updates!

  4. Well Julie, It brings me great satisfaction that you are finding my missives to be of value, especially in this very difficult to predict year. I hope that I can still serve you while you are on the road and please stop in the forum and let folks know in there what kind of autumn color you are finding in the foliage reports.

  5. I’ve been following your informative and helpful site for the past year in anticipation of our big New England trip which transported us two days ago from 102 degree weather in AZ to wonderful weather (including the showers) and breathtaking scenery. Today, we traveled on the famous Kanc highway marveling at Sabbaday Falls, Albany Covered Bridge, and Lily pond-my favorite. Even with the drizzle, the afternoon cloud coverage brought out the amazing fall colors to help create fantastic photos. Thank you for all of your hard work and updates! We will stay posted as we have 2 more weeks in New England!

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