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Well the first weekend in Oct is a tough one for foliage on New Hampshire’s north country.

Lisa and I drove up I-93 this morning hoping to leave the rain behind and Mother Nature was having none of that.  We never left the rain behind and it led us around most of the day.

Tomorrow the forecast sounds a bit better and this coming week is showing seasonal temperatures with highs in the low 60s and mostly sunny. This will hopefully get us on track for the Columbus Day weekend.

Foliage route prediction

On this Wednesday I’ll make another attempt to predict some good routes to take. This weekend so far was difficult due to the rain but tomorrow is another day so if you are here and fretting about the weather… then getting out tomorrow should work much better.

Saturday’s rainy foliage run to the north country.

As Lisa and I got up to the White Mountains, we could start to see the beginnings of real color but it was still not what we hoped for. Once we got to south Franconia and as we approached the Flume Gorge area, the hills on the west side of the road were 90 percent turned but they hadn’t yet really popped into the color I look for.

The east side of the road was much more green and it shows that it’s receiving much less sun. When we got to North Franconia you could really see some great color but between the rain coming down and the clouds swirling around the car I didn’t have a good opportunity to really stop and take pictures.

Mount Prospect view from the east lookout towards the Presidential's

East view of the Presidential's

We got off I-93 in Littleton and drove up Route 3 through Whitefield and stopped at Mount Prospect, upon which was the summer estate of John W. Weeks. He was a Congressman back in the early 1900’s and he sponsored the passage of the Weeks Act in 1911 that enabled the creation of the national forests in the eastern United States.

As you can see by my scenic shot of the Presidential’s, the clouds were very low today and one whould assume that I was inside a ping pong ball shooting this shot.  We got to the top but with the low clouds and 50′ visibility we turned around. ON A GOOD DAY! This would be an excellent spot to view fall foliage. They even have a viewing tower to climb and get a 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains.

Club Sandwich and onion rings

Club Sandwich and onion rings

We left and finally arrived in Lancaster NH and being lunch time we stopped in Puleo’s steak and seafood restaurant on main  street. Lisa loved the decor and we both loved the food so they get two thumbs up from us.

a bright red Lancaster Covered Bridge on Mechanic's road in Lancaster NH

Lancaster Covered Bridge

Just a short ride down Mechanics road from Puleo’s is the Lancaster Covered Bridge. As always, I wish there weren’t so many wires and signs around the buildings but that is what Photoshop is for and artistic license. 🙂

It was soon time to leave and we headed down Route 135 to join up with I-93 and a quick (2.5 hours) drive home to Salem.

All in all the day was a failure by my rather high standard for fall foliage but I will always say a day spent out looking for fall foliage is a day well spent… (but yes, I was a bit bummed!) 🙂

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