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Foliage updates

Wayside Inn Grist mill

Wayside Inn Grist mill

I received an alert last night that Wayland Mass is looking real nice and if that is looking good then the Wayside Inn Grist mill may also look really good. This grist mill is a favorite of mine to try to photograph in October but I’ll stop by there from time to time to see what the different light and season do to it.

Also Bennington VT is at peak… and that is very late but if you are in that area then you can find some very nice color.
Today’s fall foliage update comes from Photographer Susan Cole Kelly who is on the road searching for the remaining autumn color.

The bottom line on fall foliage!

We may have had a perfect storm of sorts causing our fall foliage season to be cut short and appear in odd places and odd times. But! it’s still out there and it’s still happening. All those green leaves on the trees have to turn sometime and fall to the ground and if we’re lucky they will do it before the temperatures get down to freezing.

If that happens then we’ll be seeing color for a few more weeks. I hope you get out this weekend or the next to find some great fall color.

Halloween History websites

The History Channel

Zombie walking in Salem MA

Zombie walking in Salem MA

First up is the History channel website where they have information and videos to talk about things like why we go to haunted houses or what fear does to us..

They have information on many different subjects and you can read and see videos to cover your hearts desire.

Halloween is here is a fun looking website with a haunted house that reminds me of the computer games of the 80s… but it would be great for kids…

They have e-cards and games and many others things to explore… If you dare.


Pumpkin patches and more website with history and lore of Pumpkins and more.

You can find a pumpkin patch, corn maze, safe trick-or-treating, hayrides and other Fall and Halloween fun near you!


halloween historyHalloween history is just that, a site for all your questions about Halloween…


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