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Fall foliage is against the ropes but the one/two punch Mother Nature gave it hasn’t ended the round yet!


Late reports of color are filtering in from members of the New England Photography Guild and they tell me that the sweeping vistas of fall color has holes in it but across the southern portions of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine there are still “small” pockets of color to be found.

North/Central Massachusetts

Fall color is found along Chestnut Street in Salem MA

Chestnut street foliage

I just got an update from  Jeff Dearman and he drove around 495 to Leominster and into Concord Ma.

“Peaking 495 belt, Leominster to Concord Mass.

Concord mass was near peak though colors are dull, and a lot of trees faded or stripped bear.

Decent pockets of color along route 2 around 495. to 190. though a lot of still green patches, and stripped bare trees.

a lot of foliage is dull and has holes in it.

Best peak foliage is between Leominster , in the Ayer area, to Lancaster to Shirley to Harvard to Acton….. Nearing Peak in Lexington/Concord still green though patchy color in Woburn-Winchester inside 128 Moderate color.

You should have more foliage report updates would be cool to have your blog become a primary discussion spot for f0liage reports”

I left this in because I feel the same way 🙂

Also everything he gave me is his viewpoint and I haven’t made it over there yet but I will take a run at Concord tomorrow and see if I can verify some of it.

Even in Salem I have good and bad to tell. The salt that Irene brought with her did damage here, so I have lots of trees damaged by salt or by fungus. But as you can see by today’s picture I was able to find some color on the locust trees down on Chestnut street.

I also have in the foliage forum, a topic for reporting foliage finds, so either do like Jeff D. did and send me a note but I would prefer you go into the forum and drop it there as it will be posted immediately and you should be able to get it sent to your smart phone…

I also put these out on my twitter as foliage_reports

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Foliage is still out there to be found! This just in! — 4 Comments

  1. Jeff,

    I look forward to your spot every year!! I miss the east coast and seeing and reading about your travels, makes me feel like home. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Your stories and pictures enrich my life and THANK YOU for bringing the beauty of New England to those far away!!!

    Liz Nichols

    • Well Liz, that is one of my small pleasures in blogging. When you and others find this foliage journey that we take each year of interest. I hope to keep doing this for many years to go… And I hope you get a chance to stop in on the foliage forum… Ummm.. top of the page next to the festival button.. 🙂
      But as with everything good we are coming to an end but I hope to hear from you (and everybody else) over the winter till next spring and feel free to drop me a line.
      Jeff Foliage

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I linked up this post to the “Chestnut Street Associates” facebook page. Great picture!

    Julie Arrison
    Phillips House Museum Site Manager

    • Hi Julie, I send people to the Philips house each day as I’m a NPS Ranger out of the visitor center. I have to come down and take the tour sometime!

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