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Looking ahead to fall foliage on Columbus Day weekend 2011 — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff,

    When do you think the White Mountain National Park will reach the peak stage this Autumn season? I was there last week through last weekend and while the foliage was changing color there were still too many trees that were in the green stage and, to my surprise, the North Conway area was mostly in the green stage. Of course, if you travel to the higher elevations and deeper into the aforementioned park then you will see spectacular colors in spots and, as of last Friday, the area around Mt. Washington is quickly turning color as well as the Kancamagus Highway, but I am just not sure exactly when the entire region will reach the peak stage to take high quality photographs (maybe later this week or next week?)

    And what part of Rhode Island would you recommend for Fall foliage sightseeing? I heard the Blackstone Valley bike trail and the northwestern part of Rhode Island, including the Scituate Reservoir area, are definitely worth visiting during the peak part of Autumn.

    Thank You,

    PS. If anyone wants to see a spectacular waterfall I recommend seeing Glen Ellis Falls There are many others but, in my opinion, this is one of the most impressive water falls in New Hampshire. It is one of the favorites among professional photographers who seemingly dominated the area when I was there last week.

    • Hi Kevin, well as I wrote in today’s article on Peak fall foliage coming to New England. I think if you look at my article on finding peak fall foliage (sticky on home page) I say “my personal” view of peak fall foliage is with in 360 degrees of turning around there are no green trees.
      Do you know how often I’ve found this? Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nada… I think you get the point. For this to occur we would need a very specific weather pattern to happen. BUT this is what you asked so to address that.. Peak has been happening all over the White mountains for over the past week and if you check the pictures that were submitted today in my article there were several shots from this weekend of Peak conditions. You know what I liked best? The one by Butch Lombardi because it had some green in it. Green is a gr\eat counterpoint to red and orange.

      Tomorrow I’m hitting the Mid NH area and I’ll see what I see. I just got a report from the MA area and it looks like (depending on the rain we get) MA should start turning in earnest next week.
      As far as Rhode Island I like all the areas you mentioned plus I really like Route 100 through Pascoag RI and all the small roads in that area. There are two reservoirs and and bunches of small ponds for reflections…
      I hope this helps

  2. Hi, Jeff we are Lorenzo and Chiara (from Italy).

    Me and my wife are in honeymoon. We are on the road from the south route 100 but for now less color than expected.

    We’ll arrive at Stowe this morning, cross finger for some colors!
    Then we are going to end our day-trip ad White Mountain’s Woodstock.
    Tomorrow => Sugar Hill’s loop you suggested and then Kanc to Conway

    Do you have some very easy trail to suggest?

    p.s. I have a T-Mobile sim with unlimited international traffic… the little problem is that here t-mobile doesn’t work!!

    • Hi Lorenzo and Chara. Congratulations and I hope you manage to get a signal. T-Mobile isn’t the only carrier to have spotty service up there. When you get to Lincoln you can stop at the welcome center and they should take care of pointing out easy trails. You might also take the gondola to the top of the loon mountain. This is just past lincoln and only a mile or 2 in on the Kancamagus highway.

  3. Jeff,
    We have been in the NEK since Tuesday and unfortunately, we haven’t seen any great foliage around 100 north, 2 west, Peacham (can’t believe it!). What we have seen has been very patchy or dull. Maybe it will sharpen up this weekend. However, we saw gorgeous color on Rte. 302 across New Hampshire particulary west of the Mtn. Washington resort. We saw lovely color on the Kanc along the road itself and again, on the western descent. Besides lots of traffic between N. Conway and Conway, we saw mostly green trees. We were also disappointed with the lack of color around Bethel, ME. So far it is very patchy. However, we are still loving our time here.

    • I told Lori to say hi to you at Emergo. You might try Groton State Park or Sugar Hill and see what you find there…
      I appreciate the report and you could also take a look along Route 5. I’m not sure where else to look but hopefully the temps and sun deliver some color for this weekend…
      Meeting with Mary Jo and Leroy in Salem on Saturday for Lunch…

  4. Hello Jeff, we are driving up there to Lincoln, NH this weekend. Please suggest us what areas around Lincoln, NH is showing peak now. We are from New Jersey and planning to drive down back home through Green mountains, VT. Is that a good idea?

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