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The New England fall foliage update for 8 Oct!

strong orange fall foliage color with a lady bug in Massachusetts in autumn of 2005

strong orange foliage with ladybug in 2005

Just a quick note to say hi! Also just in case you are checking while on the road up in NH and VT.  I have several sets of eyes wandering the back roads and my most experienced leaf peepers are not happy with what they are finding. Butch Lombardi of East Bay Images gallery says   ” We did the Kanc, through north conway and up 302 to Littleton back to waterville. Color on the kanc was ok but not peak…maybe moderate. N Conway was pretty green. Rt. 302 was ok with some good color in crawford notch. The 2 cold days seem to have got things going but it may slow down again with the warm weather.”

Also he says the color has not progressed in the south by Woodstock… so as of today (Saturday the 8th) the color for what there is, is still in the white mountains and is not an easy find.  You will need to get out of your cars and look around.

If you do find some great color and you have an internet connection feel free to drop a line here Comment on a post or in the foliage forum in the Foliage reports. or over on my Facebook New England fall foliage page.

Haunted Happening in Salem MA!

Halloween isn’t here yet but the streets are filling up with costumed denizens from near and far and the newest attraction in Salem: Griswold’s Ghostly Grove.  This is from the same dark manager who has the scariest haunt in Salem, The Nightmare Factory! So now if you have little kids that you don’t want scarred for life by sending them through the Nightmare Factory, now you can send them down the hall in the Museum Place mall to Griswold’s Ghostly Grove. They also have a package ticket for those two or the Witch City Adventure pass which costs 22$ and saves you $6 off the admission to the Nightmare Factory, the Witches Cottage and again this year the Nightmare Gallery.

So if you are up this way near Salem, get an all day parking spot 15-20$ and then explore all that Salem has to offer..

Jeff Foliage

Next up… the Zombie Walk!


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New England fall foliage update for 8 Oct — 3 Comments

  1. Come to NJ if you want to see some good fall colors this year. It’s much nicer than up here in Massachusetts where I am for the weekend.

  2. Scott, I think it’s a very tough year compared to the last few, where the shots happen easier because it doesn’t take much more than stopping and getting out of the car. I’ve seen some amazing shots from guys like matt stearns (a photographer in new hampshire) He has been taking shots this past week that are just incredible long with susan cole kelly and a bunch of others.

  3. Hope you find some. I decided to take the weekend off and am in Connecticut. Too busy up there this weekend for me.

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