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Photographing fall foliage in November requires, luck and creativity!

Fall foliage colors still remain in Salem MA with reds and orangesYesterday afternoon the sun was bright and the colors that are remaining on the trees near my house are getting fewer each day.  I walked along the edge of the woods, observing how the light was playing on the colorful leaves that remain on the trees at the edge of the woods.

Fall foliage colors still remain in Salem MA with reds and orangesRight across from my back door is an entrance or path into Salem Woods.  Right along this path are several Maples that turn various hues of red, orange and yellow.  Although over the years, several of them have fallen down, one of them was a huge maple that creates a bridge that you walk under, along this path.

Fall foliage colors still remain in Salem MA with reds and orangesThis fallen Maple tree, even though it’s lying above the path still has branches that between spring and fall put forth leaves, fruit and fall color, once September arrives.  Just beyond this tree is a standard three Maples, all within a foot or two of each other.  And yesterday I went and stood under these Maples and just looked up at the color remaining.

What really caught my attention was the blueness of the sky.  In contrast with the blending of the red orange and gold leaves.

Fall foliage colors still remain in Salem MA with reds and orangesI can look back at pictures that I took, just a week ago and I can see a big difference in the amount of the leaves in the canopy.  Soon all the color that is up above will be down below.

While I was photographing the different colors against the deep blue sky, I remembered what a photographer on my New England photography Guild Facebook page had done by taking a slow exposure and spinning the camera.  I decided to try the same thing but to accomplish it I needed to get my shutter speed down to around 1/50th (or less) of a second.  I did this by setting my camera to the smallest aperture (F 22) and the ISO to 100, this gave me approximately a shutter speed of 1/10th to 1/50th of a second.

Fall foliage colors still remain in Salem MA with reds and orangesThe lens I was using was a 24 – 105 telephoto and this allowed me to try something new (or new to me) and that was to mix this spinning of the camera with zooming of the lens. What this achieved was a vortex of color.

Fall foliage colors still remain in Salem MA with reds and orangesWhat you see below are examples of what can be achieved by combining the spinning of the camera and the zooming of the lens.  If you have questions on how to do this yourself, leave comments below.

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