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My foliage tips and techniques as seen in Yankee Magazine.

a Maple with a few orange and red leaves still on it allow you to see the churches steeple with the blue sky surrounding it

Most important tip! limited Brooklyn CT fall foliage didn’t mean no picture opportunities, it meant getting out of the car and exercising my body and mind (read about it in the article)

This will be short and sweet. I was interviewed a few years back by Michael Blanding for Yankee Magazine. They wanted to do a piece called the Leaf Seeker which was about this passionate seeker of fall foliage.

So on a day in late October, Michael Blanding, a senior writer for the Boston Globe,  got into the car with me and saw first hand what a day on the road with Jeff Foliage was like. (12 hours later he escaped back to his car where he probably swore he wouldn’t do that again) 🙂

My tips are easy as pie… Al-a-mode (pick and choose)

  • Composition
  • leading lines
  • Less is often more
  • Reflections and several more are explained in the article

Instead of writing out the tips all over again I thought I would just post the link to the “Leaf seeker: Memorializing fall, one tree at a time” online article about our day on the road and what we found.

It was a pretty standard day and not one where the foliage came easy. In fact you will be surprised that I also have days where the fall color doesn’t just drop into my lap.

 What does Jeff Foliage do when the color isn’t easy?

Town hall in Willimantic Connecticut old copper tarnished green with blue autumn sky

Town hall in Willimantic Connecticut

You will also get a first hand view of what I look for when “easy” fall foliage scenes don’t just appear in front of my camera. I don’t have any magic at getting good (some may say great) fall foliage shots but I don’t just quit either. I’m persistent to the point of “obsession”.

Isn’t Obsession a bad thing?

As one friend at Yankee told me “Well, your “obsession” is why Yankee wrote about you and why TWC (The Weather Channel)  interviewed you. Obsessed is just another way of saying passionate.” I can see where the two can go together but I much prefer “Arboreal Oracle” as coined by Jack Baldwin at WCAP 980 who did weekly foliage radio interviews in order to find out where the fall color was showing up. If you want to hear past interviews check my fall foliage Interview page.



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