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Too start with; many people come to New England during the October fall foliage time looking for one thing…

 Peak Fall Foliage

 These “leaf peepers” (1) have one thing in mind, finding the “mythical” peak fall color  and this leaves them exhausted by the end of their fall vacation.

I’m going to talk about three road trip ideas that will hopefully get you both fall foliage views and a relaxing vacation experience.

1st road trip idea Seacoast junket on the water.

Sailboats on New Hampshire coastline, road trip ideas for your fall foliage vacation

Fall foliage Sailing trip

I never seem to have time to try a water based foliage trip.  I always envisioned trying something like this with my wife But I also don’t mean jumping on a big luxury liner and motoring up the coast.

I would like it to be one of those more intimate sailing trips where you have a small crew and a few other guests/photographers and you take your time sailing up the coast of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. To me, slowly meandering up the coast and  stopping each evening in sheltered harbors would be a dream.

If you did this in mid October, I would look forward to waking up on an October morning with the  sun breaking the horizon and the entire shoreline aflame in colors. A perfect scenario would be some mist on the water and reflections of the fall colors lining the shoreline.

I can’t think of a better way to wake up and enjoy my morning coffee and of course my camera snapping away at 1 million shots a minute. 🙂

Farm Touring

Red Vermont barn in Danby Vermont

Vermont barn on a hill

I’m not sure what it is about old buildings and fall foliage colors but they just seem to go together.  It doesn’t matter where I am during the year, when I find a particularly good view of a farm, I make a mental note of it so I can try and find it again in autumn.

Of all the plans that you can make for a fall foliage vacation, farm touring would have to be one of the easiest to do.  Simply put, farms are everywhere you go, so get off the main road. (As you’ve heard me say once or twice :-))

I love that old weathered barns just have amazing character from the sun and rain beating down, year after year.

you’re bound to find an old farm maybe with a red-painted barn. *But*, remember, this is someone’s property.  So before you g,o ambling down to the barn to get a picture of it.  Make sure that you have permission first.

Also if you pick an area, lets say Danville Vermont, They have the Emergo farm B&B, you can get up and feed the animals muck the stalls and then have a hearty breakfast and go back to bed… 🙂

 Mountain trails biking and hiking.

a couple bike through Massachusetts fall color on trails

biking through autumn’s colors

All across New England hiking/biking trails are available for the beginner to the expert.  If you’re a non-hiker/biker like I am,  make sure that you go with somebody who can keep you on the right path. I’ve heard Barnett Vermont is the tops for bike trails in the North East Kingdom. I’m not a mountain biker but this should be ideal for the outdoor enthusiast .

You might check with your lodging establishment to see if they know of anybody who might do guide/rental services.  This way they can take you on trails that are both matching your experience level and they will know where the trails open up with views of ponds and fall foliage color.

Whether you are in the white mountains and exploring a trail off the Kanc (Kancamagus highway as it’s better known)  or down in Massachusetts in the Berkshires, exploring trails is a great way to experience fall foliage.

(1) The term “Leaf Peeper”  is used both with appreciation (for those businesses that benefit from the millions that pour into New England each fall) and with disdain (from those who have to use the roads that are popular with leaf peepers)


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