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Imagine if you filled your car up on dark amber maple syrup!

You wouldn’t drive very far at $45 per gallon… Not to mention, can you guess what that thick sweetness would do to your injectors? 🙂

Fall Foliage 2012 thoughts

The maple season has ended for the most part with the sugar maples beginning to flower. and depending on who you talk to the Maple season was early but normal or early and short. We’ll see what the outcome is later in the season.

I found out about a woman doing research on the sugar maples up at UNH. Martha Carlson has several articles out on the web and she took a minute to tell me this:

“Yes, the sugar maples are showing dull foliage–shorter leaf retention and more insects and fungi make for dull colors.  But New England has plenty of red maples and red oaks–which are red and sort of purple–and lots of aspen and ash.  I suspect we will continue to enjoy brilliant foliage seasons but perhaps at slightly different times. The red maples turn earlier. And the oaks turn later. So we may not have one gigantic flash of color at the middle of autumn when the sugar maples used to be in full color.  Or, who knows, the sugar maple may be more resilient than we know and adaptable to changing seasons. So your guess is as good as mine.
Good luck with blogging,

Well, this is from someone who has been looking at the colors far longer than I have. The short answer is we all think the warmer temps will affect the intense colors of New England’s fall foliage. The long answer is far too long… 🙂

But I think we’ll be seeing color for some years to come, at least in your and my lifetimes. But will we be soon telling our kids and friends, Why I remember that fall a few years back where the colors just dazzled the senses.. Of course this will be as we sit around the pot-bellied stove in the general store just down the road.

More uses for our Sugar Maple’s than just looking at the fall colors.

My wife made maple dumplings last night and what a treat that is. Except now I need to go for a bunch of walks to work those calories off. 🙂 A link to my Facebook account where the video of this and a short dumpling recipe is also.

Escape today


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