White River Junction as a fall foliage hub and Zone Planning?

I got  this e-mail today and thought I would pass along.
“I’m making plans for a trip to see New England fall foliage this year. I would like to spend about a week in one spot to be used as a “hub” for day trips. I’m considering White River Junction. What is your opinion of this? Also, do you think that the weather this year will ruin the New England fall foliage?
Thank you in advance for your help.”

Fall foliage in Salem on a late afternoon

Afternoon fall color

Hi Leaf Peeper, in looking over your idea of picking White River Junction, I assume that you are free to pick your dates. Most people give me dates and say where to go but with yours were looking at the Columbus Day week or slightly later.

I don’t know if you’ve read my articles but if you had you’re making me proud by using a hub for day trips exploring the countryside from one location.  I call it Zone Planning.

Zone Planning a simple idea and is reliable when you compare it to timing where you or I “THINK” Peak fall foliage may show up. I choose a “Zone” or area on the map that I think will be near by to the middle of the wave of fall color.

I’m not trying to pick when, lets say Stowe is going to be at peak. But instead I’m going to say on 1 October I’m going to find lodging within 30 minutes drive time (or an hour) Of driving any of the cardinal compass points. And within that distance I should find myself in the thick of the fall colors. If I get to my B&B and they say you should have been here 2 days ago!!! (How many times have I heard that) Well this means you start looking south (or SE or SW) for finding your fall colors.

If you get there and they say the color just hasn’t shown up yet, well tomorrow morning, head North by NE or NW. If you are really lucky the owner/shop keeper/waitress will tell you tomorrow is the day and the colors are the best seen in decades… (Of course if you hear that call me ASAP! 🙂

As far as the weather goes who the heck knows 🙂 …  I just edited my fall foliage prognosis for this autumn. The one thing I can say right now is that we are not having a overly wet spring which last year caused a fungus to hurt the Maples. So far, (cross your fingers), we’ve had a very dry spring but with a little bit more rain we should be good for this coming fall. The other two weather occurrences that hurt us in 2011, hurricane Irene and the delay in cooler temperatures are still up in the air.

If you can predict hurricanes, you’re doing better than me. But as far as the elevated temperatures which slowed the progression of the colors last fall, the NOAA weather folks are as of April 19th forecasting similar weather pattern as last year. Right now we’re looking at slightly above to above average temps… Before everyone panics!!!

If this is the only bad news that we have for 2012 (of the **three** that we had in 2011)  then I would be pretty happy. The three weather events that we had last year, the Maple fungus, hurricane Irene, delayed cold temperatures are what hurt our fall. If we only have, as is forecasted now “the delayed cold temperatures” and you chose White River Junction over the 9th to 15th of October, then I think you’ll be in good shape.

autumn color from stream edge to alpine level of trees

river of autumn color up the side of the mountain

If the color is early like years before then you’ll be able to travel south to find the fall colors and if like last year, the color is very late, you’ll be able to travel north and find the fall colors.

The key emphasis here is that without the hurricane and the fungus the fall colors will still be here and they will still be wonderful.

Right now, as of this second, I don’t think we are going to have the fungus issue. If you follow my blog I will be keeping a weather eye on New England  fungus reports (lucky me) and I will have those in my blog as soon as I get them.

I hope this helps in your planning process if you have any further questions you can always visit my blog and leave comments there. I love to get comments on my blog because it makes new visitors there feel that someone besides them is reading my blog, hint, hint. 🙂

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  1. OK, that was me who sent you that email. Thank you for your very speedy response!  I’m obsessed with planning the perfect fall foliage trip and I think you’re just the guy who can help!   I will read all your articles and post my questions on this site. Thank you once again!

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