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 A New England scenic autumn road, it could be anywhere…

Pull out your Gazetteer and open to any page and you will see thousands of roads so I’ll tell you about just one of my favorite finds. Basically I could talk about any road in New England between September 15 and October 31st and it might qualify for this topic. But I assume, if you were to look for this road you would want to find it draped in its fiery autumn foliage.

Peacham general store

Peacham general store

You will need to find the intersection of Route 1 and Academy road. (map link below) You head South by west “up hill” and before we continue, here is a *special scenic stop*. You will come to a volunteer fire house on the right. and if you park at the far edge of the field you should be ok. Walk out into the field along the hill and you can look back down the hill towards the church and buildings. You will see what I mean… Late afternoon is a good time to view this scene.

Now you can head a hundred feet further up the road and at the top you will find the cemetery. (another nice spot to photograph in) This road that you see up above is past the cemetery and down the other side. I believe its a right on Town road 5 but it may have been a left also Check this google map link to get an idea as you can also walk the road with street view.

The best time to photograph should be in the late afternoon (3PM or later). I often get up to an area not knowing what I’m going to find there and to me that is half the enjoyment, “The thrill of the chase” and hopefully not “the agony of defeat”.  🙂

If you get up there and you’re not seeing what you are looking for then go back down the road and ask directions as the people are usually happy to make suggestions.

Dates for this Scenic Autumn Road

I would say the first week of Oct would be good. But as always keep checking with my blog and on FB to see how the current season is progressing… Things as of late have been going a little later in Peacham so maybe these dates will be slid back a day or two more.

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