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Lasting effects from hurricane Irene…

quechee covered bridge in Vermont outside Woodstock Vermont

quechee covered bridge

For those who traveled to new England in the fall of 2011, you were greeted by some roads being open and some washed away.  Some towns showed no worse for wear and others were nearly destroyed.

Either way you had quite an experience exploring New England after the hurricane.

One of the things that caught my attention was the effect of the flooding and torrential rains on our historic covered bridges.

We know now that we only lost a few of our historic bridges but many others were damaged to such a point that they are still in the process of being either repaired or demolished.

One such bridge is the Quechee bridge in Vermont which was hit by tons of water and is still standing, more or less. As of this writing the town is going to rebuild the Quechee covered bridge. I bet you’re wondering what you could do to help?

I’m glad you asked, read below…

Save the Covered Bridge

Quechee Vermont covered bridge-I survived hurricane Irene

I survived hurricane Irene

I found a website to help raise funds for the Quechee community, to repair the Quechee covered bridge.  I’m sure if you wanted to donate cash to this project they would accept it but they created many “I survived hurricane Irene” products.

If you go to the save the covered bridge website and purchase one of their products from various T-shirts to water bottles to mouse pads, a portion of the sales will go to help replace the bridge.

if you’ve been on a visit to the dark ages and you don’t know about hurricane Irene and the damage done, here are a couple of links to websites to fill you in.

Video of the before and after
Article in the Burlington Free Press
My image of the Quechee covered bridge on Photoshelter

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I survived hurricane Irene — 3 Comments

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  2. In the VT primary voting, the town of Hartford ( which includes Quechee) voted to spend the considerable money to rebuild the Quechee Covered Bridge ( vs just a repair)….we will get major financial support from the Fed. govt… is good news for covered bridge lovers…..also, the Taftsville Bridge is also being rebuilt…half of the bridge is completely removed right now…quite the sight to see upstream without the bridge blocking the view….still amazed at the extent of the damage Irene did to our community.

    • Hopefully we’ll get a few more of them rebuilt throughout Vermont. As we photographers know, you never know when something will be gone forever, so we need to photograph for posterity as well as ourselves.. 🙂

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