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The dates to really be thinking about these routes are between 6 and 15 October. And of course, It will depend on the overall timing of the foliage, this year. You can get my foliage updates at along with lots of other resources.

Most people head for Conway or North Conway and if you’ve ever been on Route 16 heading north on a Friday or Saturday afternoon then you know how important it is to know alternate routes.

Routes 113, 113A and Page Hill road

A Tamworth NH stream with early New England Foliage hanging over the water

Tamworth NH stream showing fall color

If you are traveling north on 16 think about taking a left at the intersection of Routes 113 and 16. (There was also a real good ice cream shop there with a small dam behind it. (but Google maps shows a hole in the ground).

You take your left and you immediately have to make a decision.  Continue to head north on Route 113 or take Page Hill rd. I would say if you have the time and the light to try both.

Tamworth bull bellows at me with a wall of fall foliage rising up the hill behind him

Bull bellows amid the fall foliage

You’ll notice on this terrain map that [] Page Hill rd follows the valley and a short distance down, it passes “Page hill” which “towers” above it (Ok, maybe 300-400’ above the road isn’t “towering (but it is higher) and it does provide a nice back drop if you find something to photograph.

You might find a farm like this one with a bull that preferred that I didn’t stop, and he bellowed in my direction, until I left.

You will eventually meet back up with Route 113 and you could go back to the east (for more ice cream) or continue down to Route 113A.  This is now also called the Chinook trail and it may be named so for the small river that passes on your left (if you headed north onto 113A that is).

You will pass Great Hill on your left  (towers above the Hemenway State Forest and this time it’s about 1300’ above your road)  and I’ve found this to be a great source of color in the early to mid-mornings.

Now the thing to note is that taking the Chinook trail means that you are leaving Conway behind because if you click on the map link you will see that it brings you down into either Squam lake or Sandwich and Moultonborough  but it doesn’t loop back unless you take the same road back.  The good news…  these are wonderful locations also!

So ends today’s New England foliage route. Did you enjoy it or do you want more info? If so, what do you need to know. OH! the water shot was 6 Oct and the bull was 15 Oct.. No Bull!  🙂

Escape today

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