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Fall foliage shot in Dover cemetery in New Hampshire. The late afternoon sun reaches out across the cemetery stones with the final suns rays.

Why would I go to a cemetery to photograph fall colors?

What are some of the things that you really enjoy seeing in fall foliage pictures?
Here are a few of mine.

  • Two rows of maples with a road running down between them
  • Statues with fall colors surrounding them
  • Stately large maples with little to no underbrush to detract from them
  • Peaceful farm scenes with fall foliage and barn views
  • Ancient or old buildings (farm or otherwise) surrounded by fall colors

Wouldn’t any of these scenarios make really nice fall foliage scenes? (I’d love to hear from you on these)  Now, think of a cemetery near you, doesn’t most of these points describe it?

  • Cemeteries are well cared for and kept neat
  • You can’t get more restful than a cemetery
  • The pathways and roads there are treelined and usually maples
  • buildings, statues and other items that provide great features to give good subject matter.

Today’s Foliage location, Pine Hill Cemetery

Link to map of the cemetery area

Back in 2004 I found the Pine Hill Cemetery while driving around Dover New Hampshire. The location of the Pine Hill Cemetery for those with a GPS here are the coördinates (43.18637, -70.87234 put those coordinates into Google map search bar and it will take you there).

Lisa and I were out exploring and looking for good locations for fall colors.  This cemetery is just off Route 16 and when you’re traveling north you will cross over the little bay bridge and as you get on the other side of the bridge set your trip odometer.

When you have traveled approximately 4.9 miles, you should see an off ramp to your right which will take you to a T-intersection and route 108.  You’ll make a right and travel about 1500 feet, at the Y intersection follow it to the left continuing until on the right you see an entrance for the Pine Hill Cemetery.

Of the five images on this page the first one is for me very memorable This is the shot I entered into Yankee magazine’s first fall foliage contest in 2004.  This image was their choice as their first fall foliage photography contest. It was printed in the magazine in 2005 and I became their first fall foliage blogger and they even wrote an article about me, called the leaf Seeker.

Getting the light right

I may tell you that you can shoot all day long but! most of those types of images are for your memories. If you want to make a really great fall foliage image then you need to shake off the sleep from your eyes and great the dawn or! My preference is to catch the warm afternoon sun low on the horizon. Below you will see the same cemetery as all shots on this page were shot in.

I think you will agree, the light, low and warm makes this a little more special… What do you think?

Fall foliage shot in Dover cemetery in New Hampshire. The late afternoon sun reaches out across the cemetery stones with the final suns rays.

The last shot taken in 2013, see this on my website.

I hope you’ll share with me if you have a similar passion for photographing cemeteries in the autumn time period.

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