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Sharon to Jericho St, Vermont

  • Best times to do it:Oct 15-20th  
  • Duration: 30 minutes to 1.5hours (depends on how many times you stop to snap pics.
  • Length: 9.2 miles
  • Alternate routes: If you decide to start it in White River Junction then you can add 2-3 miles to the length.
  • Map of this route is at the bottom of the article

You can start at either end of this route but I’m starting you at exit 11 on I-89 in Sharon Vt.

You will need to head South on Route 132 to just before it hits Route 14.

In this location you will find the Sharon Congregational church and right next to it is a bandstand that in the early morning hours on a sunny day (probably late afternoon isn’t too bad either. But I prefer morning.

If you stand on the street and look at the bandstand, it is surrounded by bright yellow maples and makes a great shot. Now you can get a coffee at the general store across the street and then catch Route 14 south as it runs along the river and I-89.

In about 8 miles you will see Jericho Street on the north or east side of the road. you follow this up the hill and as you almost crest the hill you will see the horse farm on the left below the road. Pull over as far as you can, as there isn’t much room to pull over.

A Vermont horse farm on Jericho street with hills covered in fall's tapestry of autumn colors

Jericho st Vermont farm

I was there on a cloudy day but if you have a little sun, the red farm house and barns will look real pretty.
Now if you head up the road you can follow the road over the hills to Route 5 and head north to the North East Kingdom.
Or more likely at this time of the fall foliage season, down into Woodstock (covered bridge alert) and maybe the Jenne Farm…

If you don’t know where the Jenne Farm is… well I guarantee I will have that fall foliage location up on the site soon and you will be able to check it out.

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Jeff Foliage

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2 fall foliage locations you shouldn’t miss — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff,
    I see your web page is still up but haven’t seen any recent posts. I’m trying to plan a trip to New England this fall and would love to get some of your insight.

    • Well Eric, I generally post once a week (after a break in December and early January) I just counted 19 posts since my Fall Foliage Forecast 2016 article was posted on December 30th. Leave your question in the comments and I will look it over and see what thoughts I have. 🙂

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