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The best time for fall foliage in New England, is?

Is in the fall!  You knew that was coming… 🙂

Leaf peeping is, of all the activities in New England, one of the easiest to do. You just get on a bus or train or car, or even on your bike and go. You can even step out the back door if you are so lucky as to live in New England and take a walk amid the fall foliage colors.

The things that make fall foliage leaf peeping popular.

Along Route 2A in Bedford Mass on 29 Sept 2012. One tree is bright red and the ones next to it are bright green...

Along Route 2A in Bedford Mass on 29 Sept 2012. One tree is bright red and the ones next to it are bright green…

  1. You don’t even have to be a professional, all it takes is 1  tree and you’re considered successful.
  2. You don’t need special tools; it can be done in the back yard. (assumes you live in New England)
  3. You can travel to where the color is or just wait for it to get to you… (see No #2 assumption)
  4. You DO have to get off the computer, (but finish reading this first!)
  5. Walking or riding yield excellent results and it makes a great family activity.

I constantly tell people in my blogs that,there is a reason why Columbus Day weekend is so popular”. As the color moves south across New England it does so in leaps and bounds across the landscape if the weather cooperates and we have a bright sunny days and cool star filled nights then the color will stretch across the map in a wide swath of red, orange and gold’s.

And this weekend is historically the time of the widest band of color!

A relaxing historical view of autumn colors

Crawford Notch fall foliage train

Crawford Notch fall foliage train

There are so many ways to get out and enjoy New England’s fall colors, from walking trails to old time railroads. The Hobo Railroad in New Hampshire is in Meredith, on Lake Winnipesaukee which will take you on a short trip along the lake. The other RR is up in Lincoln, The “Hobo” follows along the Pemigewasset River on a memorable journey through the heart of the White Mountains. Then there is the Conway Scenic Railway that travels through the heart of the White Mountains from North Conway to Faybans and then back again. A separate Valley Train explores the countryside with trips to Conway and Bartlett. Highlights include dining cars on both routes and the first-class Notch dome car.

Vermont also has their Green Mountain Railroad and the White River flyer with summer and fall round trip excursions.

More information can be found on my train touring page.

Jeff Foliage.

Check the New England foliage site for routes and details

View my fall foliage on Vistaphotography



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