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Peak fall foliage is always a question

The mystery of peak

Now that I have a new “forecast”  as of June, people are now trying figure out how their current plans fit into my forecast. (read disclaimer at bottom)

[remember, you need to make your plans and then stick with them. If you go changing every time a new forecast comes out then you may change 10 or more times between now and 1 Oct]

Jeff, just got this, just read your new forecast. Interesting and encouraging.

Do you think our dates still sound good?

  • Danville/NE Kingdom/Stowe –October 5, 6, 7
  • Jackson Village/White Mountains/Lakes Region – Oct. 8, 9, 10
  • Woodstock/Middle to Southern Green Mountains – Oct. 11, 12, 13
  • Bar Harbor/Maine Coast Drive-  Oct. 14, 15, 16, 17 18

As always,  your comments are welcomed!

Well Mary, I think good advice is still good advice.. 🙂 basically I said these are good locations because even if they are not PEAK when you are there, peak will just be a short drive away.

I think the NEK will be very close. Jackson could be a little early in Jackson, but you can travel up 16 maybe 12 miles into Pinkham Notch and Wildcat mountain (zip lines and gondola ride)  (article coming out on this soon)

Woodstock may be better a week later (20th) but if you drive 30 minutes north (give or take)  or over to the Green mountains and then up Route 100, you’ll be very happy.

Camden Maine from Mount Battie

Camden Maine from Mount Battie

Again the Maine coast will be hit or miss but it will be a short drive inland or maybe a short drive to Camden or go drive up to the top of Mount Battie. This shot is from 11 Oct in 2005. This was a WAYdelayed color year so it’s a safe assumption that if this year is any good and near normal, the color could be near peak in Camden and the view from the top of Mount Battie could be awesome…

But maybe not and like this one is so-so and you just get to enjoy this wonderful view with a little color.

All I can emphasize  is that even if the color isn’t “PEAK” it will be there in different amounts and the views are well worth the exploration.

Hell, if you don’t see a great view from Mount Battie… Head down into Camden and hit a restaurant on the water in the late afternoon and have a glass of wine and just kick back and enjoy the views.

(Disclaimer) My views are just that, my views. If I’m wrong, please don’t come back and start crying that you didn’t find peak foliage. Well last year I didn’t see one day of peak (except in my back yard) and I live in New England!

So plan for alternatives and enjoy what you do find…  (Foliageism) 🙂

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