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My criteria on what makes a good cemetery to visit is pretty simple.  You may or may not agree with me but this is what I look for.

  • Older historical cemetery dating from the 1700 to 1800s
  • large old maple trees or a mixture that turn color
  • Interesting old memorial markers
  • old buildings with fall colors around them

Three cemeteries that I find interesting

Edgewood Cemetery, Nashua New Hampshire

orange and gold leaves cover the ground of this cemetery with tall stately trees standing guard over the graves

Edgewood Cemetery

This cemetery was fairly easy to find but when you get off route 3 and start heading N. On Main St. you have to be careful and not end up in a cemetery before Edgewood.  I had gotten a tip from a friend who told me earlier that morning he had driven by a cemetery on Main Street in Nashua and how incredible the color was.  So I drove straight to Nashua and was looking for the Cemetery he was talking about (he did not give me a name).

There is a much smaller cemetery that I drove into at first and I was wondering if his definition of “wonderful color” was the same as mine.

It was a much newer cemetery with small trees sparsely populating the grounds.  As you can tell I did find the cemetery with the wonderful fall foliage.

Waterside Cemetery Marblehead Massachusetts

waterside Cemetery entrance with massive Maple tree and colorful fall colors

waterside Cemetery, Marblehead

This cemetery is right on what shore Drive.  What I like is the different colors that the Maple near the main entrance develop.

What was interesting about this particular Maple was decide you are seeing was bare while the other side still had good lease cover.

Overall I really enjoyed the palette of colors that showed up on this one tree along with the massive outstretched limbs that covered a very large space.

Swampscott Cemetery, Swampscott Massachusetts

Swampscott cemetery is full of old Maple and Oak trees with tons of fall foliage colors that cover the memorials

Swampscott cemetery

This last cemetery is a favorite because it’s down the street from where I live.  Living near the coast has the benefit of short drives.

this was taken on 28 October and to be honest by the time the end of October rolls around, I have amassed several thousand miles on my vehicle driving all over New England.

So the simple fact that at the end of October my area of Salem is coming into or just leaving peak fall foliage.  Below are a few more random images from cemeteries that I have visited in the past.

Jeff foliage
Got foliage?

Jeff “Foliage” Folger

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Three more reasons to photograph in cemeteries — 2 Comments

  1. Jeff, your photos make my eyes puddle up. I miss NE in the fall and I’m dying to go again. Stupid economy.

    • Well Julie, when you and the hubby get a chance to come up, we’ll take you to some great spots! 🙂 I just hope we get a really good foliage season this year to make up for the last one!

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