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Concord’s History

This is the third excursion on or near the battle road between Lexington and Concord Massachusetts. We started on Lexington green and proceeded up the road to the Hartwell Tavern and it’s wonderful wooden buildings.

New England fall foliage over the Old North Bridge in Concord

New England fall foliage over the Old North Bridge in Concord

Today we’re going up the road a little further to see the autumn colors surrounding Concord’s old North Bridge.  There’s also a bonus photo op when you go to the Old North bridge historical Park.  You also have the Old Manse which was the home of Ralph Waldo Emerson and for a short time Nathaniel Hawthorne’s residence.


Bring up Google maps and in the search bar paste these coordinates. (42.469109, -71.350155) You should be able to get there from where you are now.

Fall foliage over New Englands Old Manse

William Emerson’s Old Manse in Concord

We’ll start by leaving the Hartwell Tavern which is just off of the N. Great Rd. you come out and make a right-hand turn heading West and proceed until you come to the Y split where the Lexington Road and the bypass road split, stay to the right on Lexington Road.

This will take you down into Concord and at about the 2.1 mile point you will be in the center of downtown Concord at Main Street and route 62, stay to the right following route 62 and in the next block you will turn right onto Monument Street.


You will only travel for a little over a quarter-mile when you will see the signs for the historical Park and a large parking lot on your right-hand side. (park) 🙂

 Shooting recommendations

Fall color reflected in the window of the old manse

Fall color reflected in the window of the old manse

I’ve never shot the bridge in the morning so you can run by after photographing the Minuteman on Lexington common. (don’t forget to check the morning light at Hartwell Tavern also) and then proceed to the Old North Bridge and see what it looks like for a morning shot.

If it not good in the morning you could travel over to several other historical locations in this area (homestead for  Louisa May Alcott is on Lexington road)  and save the Old North Bridge for the afternoon.

early fall foliage colors near the Old North Bridge in Concord MassachusettsI shot the Bridge, once in September and while it’s a nice shot, fall color is pretty much nothing in September.  The one time I was here in October it was on October 13th and I actually think that the colors around the Old Manse were much more impressive than the actual colors up-and-down the river on either side of the old North Bridge.

Escape today

After I photographed the Old Manse, I walked down to the river along the foot paths and I found a ramp down to a floating dock. From here you can photograph the old North bridge from an unusual angle.

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