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Peak color in mid-late October, head to the coast

A couple of the rules of finding peak fall foliage are:

  • Fall color travels from North to South
  • Higher elevation to lower elevation (except swamp maples that are stressed)
  •  Really good fall color can be found along the coastline in late October
  • Looking for fall color?  Go find a pond.  (Birch pond)

Based on my rules above, even if you start your search for peak fall foliage in late October, you should still be able to find good fall images.  The date of the following images is 26 October.

 a large rock like the snout of an alligator sticks out into Birch pond breaking up the reflection of the new England fall foliage colors

Birch pond fall foliage reflection

Birch pond location.

If you look at the map below you will see that Birch pond is on the western border of Lynn woods.  Birch pond is almost a mile long and averages 300 to 400 feet in width.

to rocks in the foreground are surrounded by the reflection of the red orange and yellow fall foliage colors of Birch pond

red orange and yellow fall foliage colors of Birch pond

It’s a little difficult to find parking so I will call Birch pond, *limited access*.  I found that I was able to park on Birchwood Avenue and walk across the street to get up close and personal with the pond.

I’m not sure what the rules on kayaks in this pond are but I think if you check with the Lynn woods Rangers you can get clarification on both access and permits.

I shot most of the shots right around 9:30 AM and I think it would also look pretty good in the late afternoon with the Sun coming in the other direction.

the northern edge of this path on Birch pond in Lynn Massachusetts is in Lynnwood and bordered by Walnut Street

Birch pond half

If you cross over the guard rail across from Birchwood Avenue you’ll find a path that runs along the northern edge of the pond.  I don’t know if it’ll take you all the way around and maybe this year I’ll find out.

Even on a gray morning such as this the sun was starting to peek out a little and highlight some of the features of the pond and I highly suggest a polarizer filter for your camera.

The LAT Long location for this pond is 42.47944, -71.00235 and if you look in your DeLorme Gazetteer map book, you’ll find Birch pond on page 41.

You’ll also notice that if you follow Birchwood Avenue W. To Central St., then follow it South for about a mile you’ll come to the Saugus iron Works national historic site.  This by the way will be my next article, since I photographed it earlier the same morning.

Google map of Birch pond

Birch pond in Lynn Woods bordered by Walnut Street

If you’re going to be doing a late October run for the color, be sure to follow my blog and my twitter feed and if you have questions fire away.

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