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3 Simple rules to plan your fall foliage vacation

The tree's canopy is fully peak in autumn foliage colors. New England fall foliage in Massachusetts.“What are the best dates for my fall foliage vacation”? I’ve been spending time in various travel forums as well as my blogs comment areas and all reflect the same mood. People are in a panic over their itineraries and whether or not they’ve picked the right time with the right place to view New England’s fall foliage.

I’ve tried to make it clear that if you break down all the planning, you’re left with three determining factors that control your fall foliage vacation.

Three rules for determining your fall foliage vacation

  • Interests
  • Vacation dates
  • Vacation location

These three things control where you go and what you see.  By determining any one of these three items you have pretty much determined the other two.

First consider your interests

When you arrive in New England, you’re going to be drawn to what interests you.  You can make a list of what your interests are.  A short list might be; village commons with little white churches, covered bridges, or antique stores.  So this is the focus of your trip.  (Or not)

Choose your fall foliage vacation dates

This is usually much simpler.  Your job may dictate when you can take vacation or perhaps the schedules of family and friends who are joining you.  Either way once you set the dates you will have a good idea of where you can travel and have autumn’s fall tapestry of color.

If you tell me that your vacation dates are for instance… You say 3 – 8 October, then I can tell you where you’ll be. (*approximate only and it depends on the year*)

In New Hampshire, you will be in the heart of the White Mountains.  In Maine you will be up around Moosehead Lake down to sebago.  Over in Vermont you will be in the Northeast kingdom south to Northfield.  (Variable based on year some years are earlier and some are later)

Choose fall foliage vacation location which can also be interest driven

A covered bridge at Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts with fall colors

A covered bridge at Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts with fall colors

The inverse of the choosing the dates is choosing the location.  If you tell me that you want to spend a couple days in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and Sturbridge village along with a few days in the quiet corner of Connecticut, then you just picked your dates at the same time.

You would start out in the Berkshires around the 8th to the 10th of October, Sturbridge village is usually nice around the 14th or 15th of October and then you proceed into Connecticut for the rest of your trip. (OH! and again it could be early or late)

Interest driven planning

Here you can say interest and location go hand in hand. IF! the interest only happens in one location then you merged them together. If you interest is.. Covered Bridges? Then the locations of this interest stretch all over the majority of New England.

So in the above case what do you do? Well if your dates are limited, then you go back to your dates to set the locating of your interest. If the weekend of your interest is 3-5 Oct, then you will be in Northern NH and VT skipping the other states since their colors won’t be turning this early.

So by choosing any one item (dates, location, interests) you’ve narrowed down the focus of your vacation planning.

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