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This Early fall foliage report was sent to me this morning by fellow New England Photography Guild member, Butch Lombardi of East bay images

Early fall foliage report

by Butch Lombardi.

We’ve driven rt.16 from Stratton Maine to Errol NH.  We also drove 35 miles of dirt logging roads to within 20 miles of the Canadian border and rt. 27 from north of Eustis to Stratton.

We also kayaked portions of the dead river in Maine and the Magalloway in NH.


Many maples are showing signs of turning. Crowns and outer edges of many maples are fading to light green with some isolated trees showing moderate color and some have portions that are peak (not unusual but from what I’ve seen this happens a little later than this).

Poplar (alden?) are definitely turning. Leaves are fading to a lighter green and you can see where they will go yellow.

Jeff Foliage’s thoughts on this

Do not Panic! this is still normal!

Keep in mind that we’re talking, close to the Canadian border but I’m guessing from Butch’s description that he’s seeing 1-5% color which is normal and it shouldn’t start to really progress southward until the night time temps drop closer to the 40s or upper 30s.

But this does seem to be slightly early, by maybe a week. We’ll see what happens over the next week with the weather.

AND speaking of the weather!!!

Tropical Storm Issac one year after Irene!

one year later Issac is taking a similar path to Irene  who caused so much trouble in 2011

Irene versus Issac

I follow Southern New England Weather on Facebookand he is watching TS Issac. The scary thing is that this storm is only off of Irene by one day. I want everyone to keep thinking about how much Texas and Oklahoma need the rain from Issac.Historical tracks close to Issac

I’ll keep watching it and together we’ll see where it goes (west… west…. west…) 🙂

As of 23 August the storm is heading over Florida or slightly west of it!

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