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The Taft Bridge that is now called the Dummerston bridge in Old Sturbridge village

The Dummerston covered bridge with fall colors

The Taft covered bridge was built in 1874 in Dummerston Vermont.  In 1952 it was dismantled and shipped  to Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts.

I’ve yet to find out why it was moved but I assume it was set to be replaced by a newer road.  Either way this historical treasure (as all covered bridges are) is now preserved among the many historical buildings of Sturbridge village Massachusetts.

Best time to photograph it

The first thing the note is you have to pay to get in, (check prices online)

I photographed the Taft bridge, seen above, which is now called the Dummerston bridge. I stopped at OSV on October 14th and most people might not have bothered to go in. The reason? it was an overcast day that was threatening rain.

But as I tell everybody, a cloudy day is a day when the colors are saturated and you can photograph all through the day unlike a bright sunny day when you’re limited to your best shots at Dawn and dusk.

If you have a photography group and are willing to pay the tour fee, they will open the gates for you at 8 AM.  This way you would have the run of the entire village with no other people in your shots.  I would say if you got there as the gates open (paying the normal fee) you probably would still have the village to yourself with a minimum of people.

If you wait until late afternoon you’ll have the option of having really good light but also you’ll have lots of people as well.

Secret covered bridge that’s not a covered bridge!

The painterly version of what appears to be a covered bridge

I discovered a covered bridge during a boat ride on the small pond below the village.  The pond ride is only a few dollars that ride and yields what I think is the only really good view (although there could easily be many more views) of what appears to be a covered bridge extending across the pond.

I checked into it and it appears this is not a covered bridge but the old main entrance to Sturbridge village.

Fall foliage surrounds the old main road into Old Sturbridge Village. the bridge looks like a covered bridge

What the image looked like before I played with it

Basically it’s an asphalt road that has been housed in a covered bridge that was built many years ago.  As you can see from this picture it is surrounded both on the near side and the far side with multitudes of colorful trees.

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