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Don’t read this, If you don’t believe in helping those in need.

August 29, 2011 hurricane Irene made landfall in Connecticut driving up through Massachusetts and into Vermont. The result of Irene was many inches of salty rain dumped on New England which produced a less than glorious fall foliage season.

We’re still seeing fallout from Irene a year later. Many businesses were affected by either the forces of nature or the economic forces of tourism.

general store with birdhouses on the porch

general store

 It’s hard to define the charm that is New England. It’s different for every person that comes here. One thing that I love are the little general stores where families have owned and operated the same store, in the same building for generations.

I got wind of a small general store having difficulties, over in Barnard Vermont. They closed down in May of this year after being open ever since 1832. This is probably one of the longest running general stores in Vermont.

In order to keep the general store open they have formed a “friend’s of Barnard general store” (friends of BGS). I’ve never lived in a really small town before but I can just imagine what it means to the people in that area to lose the only store that provides all the products that they need on a daily basis. My wife Lisa owned one of these and has filled me in on this point of view.

Call to Action!

If you find yourself traveling in the area of Barnard Vermont on route 12 (which is just north of Woodstock Vt) then maybe you can stop in during your travels, grab a cup of coffee and donate a couple bucks to keeping a little history alive.

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