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The mid-August fall foliage report

First the bad news:

  • We are suffering from low precipitation throughout New England. Certain areas are harder hit than others.

Now the good news:

  • It’s nowhere near as bad as the rest of the country!   🙂

My 2012 foliage report based on observation and reports

Official New England fall foliage meter depicting what I think the fall foliage season in New England will be like.

Mid-August foliage guestimate meter

You will notice that my foliage meter has swung back towards the yellow since July when I put it up last. The reason for this is simple.

The summer has been hotter and drier than I had hoped for and between that and the clearly too warm winter (with lack of snow) it has left many trees stressed in various areas of New England. (but not all)

This is resulting in some trees (1-2% so don’t panic) turning early or even turning brown and dropping some leaves. I was out in a cemetery in Swampscott and I saw no early color but I did see  some trees with bug eaten leaves or trees with the leaves showing brown edges (never a good sign).

I’ve heard from friends in Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island that this is a common sight in their areas. They also say that many of the trees around the stressed trees look healthy.

My mid-August 2012 fall foliage conclusion?

I will say this, as of right now we are going to have a much better foliage season than 2011!  🙂   I know that isn’t hard to do, since it was a wicked crappy foliage season last year.

One note is due to the warm winter many of the insects didn’t die off like they should have. I’m seeing trees going brown due to insect damage more than anything else. We’ll see how the next month goes.

Over the past week, each morning has been pretty cool (upper 60s and 61 this morning) and if we continue to get a little rain each week or so and when Sept gets here we get the seasonal cooler temperatures with lots of sunshine then this will be an average to above average fall foliage season in New England.


Jeff Foliage
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Fall foliage report for 18 August 2012 — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff. Thanks for sharing all the info. We are coming out to Vermont and Maine the weeks of oct 8th and 15th. What do you think are chances are of seeing some fall color?


    • As of right now I would say your chances are outstanding. The week of Columbus Day is great for Anywhere from the White mountains to northern Massachusetts. And in Maine from the western portions near lake Sebago up to Rangely (although the chances of good color at Rangely are best early and not the end of the week) and into Central Maine (Augusta should be good)
      I would watch my site of course but also the Mainefoliage website (they will send you email updates on their foliage) and at has a foliage page also (link is on my sidebar).

      I hope this helps.

  2. I agree 100%!! Last year was wicked bad so probably anything would be better… BUT, at least in my neck of the woods {the Shouth Shore of Mass between Boston and the Cape} there has been a good ammount of rain lately as well as some nice cool temps at night. There are more trees thinking about changing every day and like Jeff said some insect damage. I keep meaning to stop and take pictures of the color. Maybe I will get a chance today :). I did have to wear a sweatshirt last night which was exciting, lol.

    • Waiting for your pictures iris! I think out of everything the trees are facing it may actually be the insect damage that will be hardest thing this year for them to overcome.

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