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 Happy cows in Vermont make great cheese!

in the autumn cows have taken to hiding behind trees so be careful not to scare the cows.

Cow hiding behind tree during hunting season

Most people, when they come to Vermont during the fall foliage season are focused on peak fall foliage and where they’re going to stay. If you’re a foodie and appreciate fine cheeses then why not try organizing your trip around several of the local cheese makers in Vermont.

There are 44 cheesemakers on the Vermont cheese trail of which 10 are production facilities with no visitation and another 17 are by appointment only and this leaves you with around 17 that are open for visits year-round and are happy to have you drop in.

Green Mountain blue cheese

I have to admit I’ve only stopped at #15 which is the Green Mountain blue cheese. Since I happen to have a passion for blue cheese (yes it stinks and that means it’s good)  🙂

We have gone there during our travels and discovered nobody about and you basically are in self-serve mode. They have a refrigerator with several different types and sizes of blue cheese and Gorgonzola and a sign on the fridge says how much to leave in the cashbox. This probably won’t happen all the time but can you imagine being able to go into a store grab something leave some money on the counter and head out? It doesn’t happen much anymore does it?

Vermont Cheese Council map

This is a map of the different farm/store locations and if they happen to be on your route of travel and you want to stop in at a locally owned farm or business in Vermont to purchase cheese then I highly recommend these places on the map. It’s good for the Tummy and it’s good for the soul.

Vermont cheese trail map

Vermont cheese trail map

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