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I finally have a winner for August’s fall foliage print.

Last month’s winner is Edith Julian from North Carolina.

orange is the color of the day with fall foliage Maple leaf in a beautiful orange color with a ladybug of orange and black

ladybug on orange Maple leaf

Edith asked me to select a fall foliage image for her so I picked one of my more popular fall images that I sell at arts and craft shows.

This image was created in 2005 after all the terrible rains that we had up to Columbus Day in New England. The fall colors were almost nonexistent or slow to come and as I was traveling to work one morning I decided to finally stop at this beautiful Maple tree that was completely covered in orange.

The tree had been building its color for weeks and I had been watching it daily. Finally, the time had come and the tree was fully leafed with very little leaf loss and I started to wander around  the foot of the tree looking for angles to photograph it by.

I moved in close to look up the trunk at the peak of the tree when I noticed this ladybug on the branch. The orange and black of the ladybug against the orange and brown of the Maple tree just worked for me.

It’s little moments like this that make me appreciate what were given each autumn. No matter how long I photograph fall in New England, I hope that I never get tired of it.

Fall foliage outlook for the coming weekend

for those of you making your plans for fall foliage drives in New England over the coming weekend of 29 and 30 September, be sure to check back tomorrow afternoon.

I’m putting together all the reports from friends, photographers, and fans and I will publish my outlook tomorrow, but I think the general guidance you’ll be getting is to head North to find really good color. More to follow 🙂

Escape today

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August’s fall foliage print winner! — 2 Comments

  1. Jeff….I’m sending you this note to let you know how much I appreciate your Fall Foliage Reports. My wife and I are flying in from Burbank, CA to Boston on 10/3 and will be touring NH and VT by car until 10/10. We have been on your email list for a couple of weeks and are more and more excited about the timing of our trip. You have made suggestions about extra-curricular activities such as where we might find ziip-lining, etc. and we thank you for that. We will be on the lookout for your recommendations as to which areas of NH and VT are peaking in the first week of October.

    Thanks again,

    Jim Farrell
    Burbank, CA

    • Well Jim, thanks… I hope I get it right.. 🙂
      I want you to plan to be north of Route 112 in NH and some travel route will be Route 16, 302, 2 in the White mountains and also route 18 and 117 (the west side of I-93)
      In Vermont visit routes 5, 100, and and dirt back road that sounds interesting… 🙂

      Get a good map book for planning each day have fun…

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