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New Hampshire's Shaker village in autumn colors over a roadside rock wall

rock wall with autumn colors overhead

I’ve been asked when is the best time to photograph the Canterbury Shaker village in New Hampshire? My best answer is (while scratching my head) heck if I know!

This may not fill you with great confidence in my abilities but as you read the article and look at the pictures hopefully you’ll come to understand. 🙂

it’s not always as simple as picking a single day and showing up. Each year the peak fall foliage is a sliding window and sometimes I’ve gotten pretty close to catching that window.

In other years found it all green on the same date that was nearly peak the year before. most of my shots were taken between 12 and 15 October in various years.

Finding the Canterbury Shaker village

church in the village of Canterbury New Hampshire

church in the village of Canterbury New Hampshire

The easiest way for me is to come up route 93 and jump off at exit 18 heading E. On West Rd. from here it’s actually not too difficult to locate the Shaker village. (just follow the signs) Your first photographic opportunity though will come when you enter the village of Canterbury. There is a church with some nice colorful trees around it and not too many power lines.

Also you have the general store where you can pick up some fresh homemade cookies or some drinks.

Next you get back on the road and continue following the signs along Baptist road and it will eventually take you over to Shaker Road and then you will head North and the Shaker Road will divide the Shaker village in half. The LAT/long for your GPS for the Shaker village is 43.35940, -71.49042

Best time to photograph the village?

view from the road between ancient sugar maples leading the eye up to the Shaker meetinghouse

rows of Maple’s leading the eye to the Shaker meetinghouse

I’ve never photographed it early in the morning and I think it might be good to try before 9 AM. But I’ve mostly done my shooting in the early afternoon and later afternoon and came up with some very nice photographs.

Costs to get in and photograph?

reflections of red and gold on the mill ponds mirror like surface

millpond at the Canterbury Shaker Museum

You can get in the parking lot and visit the store, but to actually go into the village itself with all the old buildings you have to pay to get in. They’re only open from 10 AM till 5 PM between now and October 31. The rate to get in is $17 for adults, youth ages 6 to 17, $8 and children, five and under, free. If you think you’ll come back several times a year then become a member and entrance is free.

The best view to try to capture

a close up view of the meeting house with orange Maple on either side

view of the meeting house with orange maples

The view that I have been trying to capture for the past 4 to 5 years, has been the view from the road up to the meeting house with two rows of ancient Maple trees and the house at the end of the rows.

I’ve yet to catch the Maples fully turned but I plan to try again this autumn. I tried calling and asking if the trees look like they were at peak and the receptionist said they were but they weren’t so I’ll keep trying.

Events at the Shaker village

row of antique automobiles next to old building in Canada varies Shaker village New Hampshire

row of old antique automobiles with orange maples

They have ongoing events all year long and the one thing I caught last autumn was and antique car show which was pretty neat.

To me the old buildings just lend themselves to fall foliage shots when you can work them in together although much of the property does not have trees close to the buildings,

view of the mill pond with red and gold Maples at the edge

mirror like reflection of red and gold Maples

you can find a few angles to still put the Maples in a frame with the old buildings. Sometimes it’s just the old buildings and sometimes it’s just the fall foliage reflections on the pond.

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