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Coastal fall foliage in Harpswell Maine

Location on Google’s map: 43.799740, -69.987167

Follow Route 95 to Route 295 and then onto Route 1 in Brunswick Maine, you will find Route 24 and then Route 123 south. You will travel 8.4 miles from the junction of Routes 24 and 123 until you find the Elijah Kellogg Congregational church on Harpswell Neck rd. with the Cemetery across the road. (Google map is at bottom of page)

Best dates to shoot this:

I shot this in 2010 and the color was very nice on October 17th. You should watch the Brunswick ME area for what their color is doing.

Things of Photographic interest:

Under a canopy of Maine fall foliage is the Elijah Kellogg Church, Congregational

The Elijah Kellogg Church, Congregational, Harpswell Maine

The Church: The Elijah Kellogg Congregational church was started back in the mid 1700s and their meeting house as seen in these images has many interesting features. From square pews and its high pulpit and old galleries are still preserved

The Cattle Pound: The Harpswell Cattle Pound, dating from 1793 is one of the earliest town pounds in New England. It is located next to the former Bailey’s Store, now a historical museum.

the Cattle pound in Harpswell Maine with trees of yellow

the Cattle pound in Harpswell Maine

The Cemetery:  I didn’t enter the cemetery and you might find a different angle I didn’t explore… In front of the rock wall is a row of  stone hitching posts which in and of themselves are very interesting.

Harpswell cemetery with a huge orange maple giving shade to the souls of residents..

Harpswell cemetery with a huge orange maple

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