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Fall foliage in the North east kingdom (NEK)

fall color beginning on route 58 near Hazens notch in Vermont

fall color near Hazens notch

Last week and this weekend, Lisa and I spent time in the NEK exploring. Overall most of the color was between 10 to 70% depending on elevation and where you are driving. Don’t begin to panic because the 50 to 70% numbers comes from swamp Maples that when you find them will take your breath away. But most of the Hills are still at 10 to 40% of turning towards peak.

We drove up route 91 and got off at East Burke driving around for a while and not seeing any great examples of color then we got back on route 91 and get off at Glover Vermont (where we found the puppet Museum, see below).

view of Hazens notch on route 58 looking toward Montgomery Vermont

view of Hazens notch on route 58

Then as it was getting late we headed west over route 58 and Hazen’s notch. On Saturday it was rather overcast but you could see the Hills were dotted with color as seen in the first image. On the way back from St. Albans and a family visit, we once again went over hastens notch and with the sun out illuminating the mountain in the distance I was forced to get out of the car a few times to snap pictures.

Be very careful if you are on the lower side of a hill because the locals use this dirt road to get from Montgomery to Lowell. So make sure you you’re far enough along the road that when somebody comes over the hill fast they don’t run into your rear end Parked on the side of the road.


Bread and puppet Museum

bread and puppet Museum in Glover Vermont

outside view of Museum

This was something new for me. Lisa knew about the puppeteers but neither of us knew what to expect upon our arrival at the old barn that house the puppet Museum. Back in 1963 Peter Schumann founded a hand puppet show for children it soon became a way for the activists to bring the problems of the neighborhood to light.

bread and puppet Museum in Glover Vermont

puppet faces hanging from a post

From there it grew into a commentary on the issues of the day such as the Vietnam War. This place would definitely not be for everyone as the first thing that comes to mind is political activism and the political machine that runs the country.

To me the artwork that they create here is just incredible and the two story Museum houses the  incredibly large puppets that they’ve used for the last 40 years. If nothing else, stopping in and viewing all these puppets throughout the 140-year-old hay barn on is worth the trip in itself.

You can find the puppet Museum in Glover Vermont at 753 Heights Rd. in glover Vermont.

Foliage Outlook for September the coming weekend

End of September arrivals

view of nearby hills covered in early fall foliage colors

view of nearby hills covered in early fall foliage colors

I won’t say the foliage is perfect this year but it is looking very good (especially compared to last year) I think the Northeast kingdom and northern New Hampshire will be at peak this coming weekend but as always there is going to be areas that aren’t quite there yet. So you’ll be continually driving in and out of great color so don’t get discouraged. Just drive down the road a bit further and you’re bound to find more good color.

view of nearby hills covered in early fall foliage colors

colors of autumn along Hazens notch in Vermont.

Don’t forget that on 1 October the Northeast kingdom starts its fall festivals. Each day the fall Festival will happen in a different town and you can check my fall Festival webpage to get the dates and locations.

Right now, I feel that this coming weekend the color will extend southward to Stowe Vermont and probably to the northern feet of the White Mountains. I would think that the area around Rangeley Lake in Maine will be very colorful but I don’t think it’ll be at peak until the following weekend. But if you drove over route 2 two Route 17 and up to the lake I think you have a very enjoyable ride.

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Fall foliage in North East Kingdom & the weeks outlook — 4 Comments

    • thank you for coming by and leaving a note. I’ll try to get some more pictures up for you from this year.

    • Hi Nikki… A test? to see how close I am? I’ll have you know that I use the very best color measuring devices and I’ve also researched this with some of the most respected minds at MIT… (OK, you got me I ask my wife…)
      And Lisa says… 🙂 Drum roll please… Image one is 40% towards peak Image 2 is a solid 50% maybe a bit higher because many of the trees I’m standing under are 20-30% (but I didn’t show you them). Image 5 again on Hazens Notch (I only played with contrast, whites and highlights in lightroom) and down at the bottom of the hill there is a bunch of green going to yellow but still very heavy on green. But when I add the red in the distance on the far hill I will go with a solid 60% but the image doesn’t show the green hill off to the left out of sight of the camera…

      This is the biggest problem in judging percentages of color. My experience tells me one thing but if you have never seen really good fall foliage then you might say my reports 30% is peak…
      My wife grew up in North Western Vermont and I may say one percentage but I will check with my wife because she taught me what was peak for her and I base my percentages on what I call peak. To me anything from 70% to 100% is damn fine viewing (In my humble opinion) 🙂

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