Lisa standing at a entering Florida sign. The sign is in the Berkshires of Massachusetts

Shot from 2010 of Lisa wishing she was in Florida

My August print winner is…. Well? Do you want to know? (me too) I’ve sent out 3 notifications and so far they have been unanswered. I really do use the email addresses that you use to subscribe to my blog. (upper left box on the screen) But  if you have spam software that catches a lot then you better go and check it. The first two folk’s names have been put back into the list for a future month but there is a third person that has until Monday to reply to the email. … At this rate I’ll be delivering the August print in November… 🙁

Chilly air moves in to get the color moving!

Well I don’t know about all of you but we awoke to very chilly air here in Salem. And I have yet to check all the over night temps but it seems Errol NH was to have a freeze. I’ll be heading out on Sat morning to Northern NH and VT to see what kind of color has developed since last week.

Jim Salge, who is Yankee’s foliage blogger is forecasting good color through out the region and he seems to be agreeing with me as to the early color was just that, some early trees. The bulk of the color will be developing after  more nights like this last one.

BUT! If the nights go steadily cold 35-40 degrees and the days stay sunny (like it has been) then we could see some peak color arriving early in the far northern areas sooner, rather than later.

The Maine foliage report came out yesterday and even in their far north they are only at 30-40% but after a night like last night… Brrr… The color will be pushing south…

Also…   Pam down in Carver says: “Greetings from Carver  #5 go us!!! (#5 refers to my top 5 things during foliage season) Anyway, the picking has started. Last week there were 2 bogs in Wareham being wet harvested and starting today and yesterday there are a lot of bogs getting prepped. I am heading to a friends bog this afternoon to get some pictures, I will post them on the FaceBook foliage page if I can figure out how :p.

This is the BEST time of year!!! Cool nights ad comfy days, leaves changing and fall decorations.

To clarify, the bogs I am speaking of are in Carver, but Wareham and Middeboro will be picking as well.”

Midweek foliage reports and info

In case you don’t know, I also have a Facebook New England foliage page. And in between these articles, I will hang out there, posting tidbits and even answering questions. So if you have read the article that is up on this page but you want to chat, then stop in and say hi…


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