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New England fall foliage outlook for 29 Sept to 4 Oct

For those of you arriving in New England this weekend, I hope you brought along your charger for your camera! In the northern areas of VT/NH/ME the color is reaching close to peak. If we get some more cold nights and bright, sunny days then I’ll be happy (If I’m happy then you will be also) 🙂 Images taken on Tuesday 26 Sept 12 by Susan Cole Kellyand Michele Brenholtz.

Problem on the horizon

Don’t worry, it’s not a giant one (at this time)  but if you are arriving this weekend then you will be getting here under cloudy skies.  I’ve looked over the forecasts across northern New England and there will be on and off rain between Friday evening and Sunday and it’ll be moving off on Monday. (the rest of the week is awesome!)

What this means to you?

Well as long as it is a gentle rain and it doesn’t get windy at the same time it should hurt us too much. But I think that even a little wind will make it tough to keep the fully turned leaves on the trees. This could take down some of the leaves but over all I’m hoping that we don’t start a repeating pattern that hit us the past two years.

Stormy weather came in waves and every weekend a windy rain storm would come through removing the fully turned leaves from the trees and then during the next 5-7 days a new crop of leaves would develop full color only to be taken down again… I’M NOT SAYING THIS WILL HAPPEN... Only that this can happen.

The coming week 1-4 Oct

The weather over the following week 2 Oct – 4 Oct is looking nearly perfect across New England. It could be just a little cooler at night but I think the mid to low 40s will bring on the color change nicely. The days are mostly sunny and this will bring on the colors.

Foliage reports across New England

Maine’s foliage report just came out and they are at peak in the far north (a very loooong drive). The color is still developing in western Maine and it’s showing 30-50% color near Rangely lake.. This may not be peak but I can tell you that if you find 50% color then you will be happy. So a drive that way will be nice.

In Vermont and New Hampshire the color has not fully moved down into the central areas. The color is up in the Northeast Kingdom (where I’m heading on Friday) and north of the White Mountains is looking pretty but peak hasn’t  fully pushed south yet.

Susan Cole Kelly says: The foliage seems to be late, on par with last year, but healthy and full of promise. The color was better in damp hollows than higher up. Sugar maples around farmhouses looked healthy and were starting to turn color, and the swamp maples were bright red and beautiful

You will need to be driving up into the north country and explore places like Errol, Colebrook and Pittsburg, NH. You main routes of travel will be Route 3, 105 and 26 which will take you down through Errol and picking up 16 south.

*But! the photos above that were taken by Michele B were taken yesterday on the Kanc and in Groton State Park VT so Good color is being found now even though it isn’t peak yet!*

In Vermont your travel will be from Stowe, north into the NEK (North East Kingdom) and remember that On Monday the Walden Vt, country fair kicks off the NEK fall festival week. Each day a different town will have a fall festival. So you can move each day to visit a new town and see their festivals.

Fall foliage wrap up

So in the end the best color will be up north but as next week progresses it will slowly push its way south. Look for swamp maple (road sides and small ponds) where I was seeing flame red maples last weekend where the maples out side of those trees had not even started turning yet.

Also climb in elevation as the colder temps like along the Kancamagus highway (Route 112) is showing great color right now near the Beaver pond or the Lily pond or the Albany covered bridge which should be colorful  this coming week.

Happy Foliage Exploring!

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New England’s foliage outlook – brightening! — 10 Comments

  1. Let me rephrase to make it simpler. Is October 9th a good time to be in the White Mountains of NH? Franconia Notch S.P. to be specific?

    • Hi Bobby, you should be good through the White Mountains on the 8th but the color seem good now as it goes through this coming week. So you should see good bu maybe fading color in the whites. A drive over Routes 3, 302, 16, 112 in NH will let you know what you have. I’ll be over that way this coming week and I have photographers who may have more reports on the area by Wednesday also.
      You should also plan to be down in the Lakes region if you don’t find the color up in the mountains. Taking Routes 25 or 11 around Squam lake or Winnipsaukee will yield many good locations.
      I’ll know more as we go into this coming week. I just spent Friday up in the NEK and while Route 91 was glorious color the second we jumped off on to side roads at lower elevation the color was dull and not nearly as prevalent as the tops of the hills. More info on this will be found on my weekend recap…

  2. I’m flying into Boston early October 9th and will spend 8 days exploring NE photographing foliage. Any ideas as to where the best concentrations of peak color will be during that time span? Hopefully I won’t have missed it.

  3. Jeff thanks do much for your posts. My husband and I will be arriving in VT Oct 8th in the Wells area….is your guess that this will be after peak??

    • I sure hope not… 🙂 I see that Wells is farther south and near the southern end of Lake Champlain. Both factors will have me say that the week you arrive will be fine for foliage… In fact I think you may drive north to find peak (Route 7 should be a very colorful drive and the cut over to 100 and come back south. There are lots of roads and trails to explore in that area. Get a good map book and see what you can find. I think you are very safe where you are.

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