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Northern New England foliage update 15 Sept 2012 — 21 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff! We are planning our first ever trip to try and see some fall colors and we can’t wait! We will be in Montreal from 9-30 until 10-3 and then in Northern VT (Smuggler’s Notch resort) from 10-3 until 10-7, then heading back to Montreal for a night so we can fly home. What do you think our odds are of seeing some color? We are from southern CA, so I think our definition of “peak” might be different than yours 🙂

    • Hmmm… Well Heather I believe you will see good color between Montreal and VT (it’s only 1.5 hours from each other). If while at Smuggler’s Notch you find the color is fading you will able to drive south on several roads (and I mean about 30 min) to be in the think of it.
      It’s my impression that your version of “peak” is from seeing the Sierras and the glorious yellows you have there. Well we should put on a different show with lots of reds and oranges mixed with our golds. I think some of our yellows got hurt by the drought (Birch have a shallow root structure so a drought affects them more than deep root trees.

      So you I think you will see good color.

      • I’m even more excited now! I’ve been reading your recommendations regarding other fun things to do in New England besides hunting down foliage. And I must admit, I think I’m just as excited to go to an apple orchard with my 18 month old daughter and visit some Fall/Harvest festivals as well! Thanks so much for all the great info.

  2. Jeff, thanks a lot for this incredibly helpful blog. I will be in Concord NH from Oct 12 thru 15 and was hoping to see some great colors in the White Mountains region. Going by the current trend, do you think White Mountains area will be past-peak on those days? If so, where can we see great colors during those days?

    • Well if we follow rule number 3, which states if we don’t get any strong winds or rains once the color go to peak… There is a chance they will slowly fall from the trees. So if during the week prior to the 12th we get near perfect weather you should see good color in the mountains (mid to lower elevations. If you turn your sights to the lakes region you will also be very happy. and even down into Massachusetts.

  3. Town: start at the Inn at Sugar Hill, head north to ‘bigish town’ Littleton & along the left of Old Franconia Rd you should see the water pipe.
    Gorge: The lat/lon came from my cell camera, maybe not accurate. From Warren, nh take 118 northeast & look on the right for white house & small dirt parking lot. I passed it & had to turn back & it was worth it.

  4. Jeff, I am making a last minute trip for a photo job in Quincy on Friday night the 21st, I have Thursday to do a day trip.I am thinking the Kanc and a little west just like you did. This will be only chance this year!! Most of the small places In Lincoln want a 3 night stay. Any ideas for one night one photog. on a budget. Thanks and i will give updates if i make it to somewhere good.

    • Try these folks.. Hampton Inn Littleton
      580 Meadow Street, Littleton, New Hampshire, 03561, USA 1-603-444-0025

      Their site says $179-219 Or do you need cheaper.. I know stupid question… but they follow me on Twitter so I went there first.

        • Hi Jim, I just found a couple more with vacancies. 60-80 price range just outside Lincoln on Route 3. Franconia Notch Motel

          572 US Route 3 is one… On my most of my webpages you will see a search lodgings box, so you can put a destination in and do a comparison shop… That is where I looked for a cheaper price at and I found a bunch…


  5. Jeff…

    Superb foliage updates — it takes a photographer to provide reliable assessments.

    I’m dragging our little trailer up from Austin in about a week, and Claudie flies up later. We couldn’t plan this run without your insights, so thanks very much. Good job, amigo.


    Chris Butler

  6. Bookmarked! Inn at Sugar Hill & Polly’s were good to us too. At The upstairs store at Polly’s I found my latest favorite seasoning: Maple Pepper w/Habanero by Highland Foods. If you’re back by SHill, take the road to the ‘big’ town to the North & you’ll find a fresh water spring on the left (ask locals). Separitely, I’d recommend a nice gorge off Rte 118 (northeast of Warren, nh) near 44.018889° N 71.695556° W if you’re looking for a Kanc alternative. Access the gorge via a small staircase by the side of 118 by a white house. I saw a moose too.

    • Thanks CS, My wife loved the Maple pepper also… You’ll have to be more descriptive about the “Big town to the north”??? I have no clue as towns keep getting smaller the further you go… 🙂

      The spot you list is on route 3 south of Woodstock NH and the walls of the canyon look like they might be nice on the west side. Can you hike up to Russel Pond a little further down the road? Is the Lat/Long you mention in relation to 118? which is NW of the point you gave us.

      Here is a L/L on 118 44.0018, -71.7474
      Is the gorge you mentioned on this stretch? I know all of it is beautiful but if you can narrow down the staircase location it will make finding it easier… 🙂
      Jeff Foliage

  7. Thanks for the updates Jeff. Our upcoming foliage trip has been a dream for a loooong time. We are due to arrive in North Conway on Oct. 9th after a couple of days in VT, spend a few days in the White Mountains then on to Bar Harbour for 3 days then along the coast southwards, ending in Boston. I really hope we won’t be late for the colour. Really looking forward to seeing New England. Your posts are great!!

    • I think with an itinerary like that, you shouldn’t have any problems having a great time and seeing some very good color.

  8. We live in Virginia (which will be pretty later)and REALLY appreciate
    your updates!!! We look forward to being in Newport, Boston and Bar Harbor
    next month on a cruise to Canada. Next year we plan a road trip to NE so
    we will be keeping up with you next year also. RANDY

    • Thanks Judith, you and about 40 million other folks… And it may be a little early in some areas depending on rain fall and temperatures. I’m seeing some lows in Troy VT at 38 degrees and tonight and tomorrow in Lincoln NH are showing upper 30s so up 2000′ higher in the mountains of the Kancamagus highway it could be colder and if that happens during this next week then we could see a speed up in the process…
      BUT! before you get all giddy there are two days of rain in the middle of the week… So that slows the process down again… So… hmmm… we’ll have to wait until Thursday/Friday to find out where we stand…

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