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This Article contains the top 5 list, Festivals and events, And a foliage report from photographer, Susan Cole Kelly

A Top 5 list of things to do during your foliage trip in New England

(But I bet you could name a few more…)

Riding the gondola up Cannon Mtn..

Riding the gondola up Cannon Mtn.

  1. Gondola ride to the top of a mountain (you pick the mtn as almost all will have gondola rides)
  2. Sipping hot or cold apple cider in the middle of an orchard as you pick your own apples.
  3. Finding all the pumpkin people in Jackson NH
  4. Ride the cog rail $$ to the top of Mt. Washington and stand at the highest point in New England. (or drive it in your car! $)
  5. See cranberry bogs being harvested in Carver Massachusetts.

Bonus things that just jumped into my mind!

  1. A warm cider donut/s on a cool crisp morning looking off the porch of your B&B. If you haven’t picked lodging yet??? Then look to the left and put a town in and find something in your budget…!
  2. Visit one of the North East Kingdom town holding their fall foliage festival Oct 1 – Oct 6.
  3. A Hot air balloon ride over the fall foliage.. (,, many others)
  4. Zipline down a mountain? Up on the gondola and down on the zipline?

How is that for starters?

Foliage festivals and events over the next week. (these were in 2012)

King Richards Fair in Carver MA. 1 Sept – 21 Oct

Northern Berkshires Fall Foliage Festival- Farmer’s Market – 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM 22 Sept

 The Big E in Springfield MA 14 Sept – 30 Sept 2012 for details click this link

Vermont Life wine and Harvest Festival Friday the 21 to Sunday the 23rd. Click here for details

Coming up the follow week…

Topsfield Fair in Topsfield MA. Sept 28 – Oct 8 2012

Events running currently!

Well, sort of. The “Apples to iPods” event is back again throughout Vermont apple orchards this fall.

How it Works
We will hide specially-marked wooden apples in 19 of Vermont’s pick-your-own apple orchards all over the state. If you find one of these unique “iPod apples,” while out picking apples, you win an Apple iPod or maybe an iPad! Simple as that.

Participating Orchards (map these orchards):

Foliage report this past weekend

From Photographer, Susan Cole Kelly

Image by Susan Cole Kelly

Image by Susan Cole Kelly

 Hi, Jeff!

Here’s a morning picture of Mt Washington from the Intervale rest area which shows the state of foliage up there last weekend. I traveled through the White Mountains and found that the trees are almost all green. The green is tinged with gold, not that dark green of summer foliage, and occasional branches or leaves are turning orange. In the wetlands, the swamp maples are starting to turn red. This picture shows the color of the sugar maples on the hills and a few red maples in the wet area in the foreground. That’s how it looked.

In Southwestern Maine, at lower elevations, the green was more pronounced but still golden. There have been a couple of cold nights, so I think the color will change some this week. And since the leaves are not very ripe, I don’t think the Tues/Wed storm will do much damage in these areas.

However, I’ve heard that the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont has been very dry and maple leaves are falling already. In these drought areas, the storm will do some damage, and it remains to be seen if they will have a great foliage season.


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Top 5 foliage items plus Foliage report — 4 Comments

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  2. To clarify, the bogs I am speaking of are in Carver, but Wareham and Middeboro will be picking as well.

  3. Greetings from Carver 🙂 #5 go us!!! Anyway, the picking has started. Last week there were 2 bogs in Wareham being wet harvested and starting today and yesterday there are a lot of bogs getting prepped. I am heading to a friends bog this afternoon to get some pictures, I will post them on the FaceBook foliage page if I can figure out how :p.
    This is the BEST time of year!!! Cool nights ad comfy days, leaves changing and fall decorations.

    • Let me know if you have any troubles getting the pictures posted to Facebook I’ll give you a hand. 😉
      I would say I’d meet you there but today and tomorrow are very busy days for me I’m not sure if I’m going to get out to do anything.

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