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Welcome to my Foliage fans!

Did you have a good vacation during New England’s most popular visiting season? More importantly did my suggestions, ideas and general ramblings help you make the most of your trip? If not I want to hear how or what I could do better!

Wednesday’s trip SE Massachusetts and Eastern RI

Well I picked up fellow New England Guild member Butch Lombardi for a trip through Rhode Island to check what the foliage was doing.

past peak fall foliage colors along a stream track

past peak fall foliage colors

Consistency is NOT the word I would choose when describing the fall colors this Oct in southern New England. We drove yesterday through eastern RI, visiting Adamsville, Tiverton, Dartmouth, Mattapoisett  Hanover and ending in Norwell Mass (although I drove to Scituate MA and visited the lighthouse while waiting for the Boston, go home traffic, to subside.

Foliage trip results

a single orange and yellowish red Maple tree stands at roadside with other trees envious of its glorious colors

roadside Maple tree dressed in orange and red

First if you are looking for color as far as the eye can see such like I saw in early Oct up in the White Mountains then either stay home or set your expectations lower. This image is more of the norm of what we were seeing. The second image is what we were rewarded with because we had patience. A single glorious tree as seen next made me stop the car and get out.

This is a partial map of where we went on 16 Oct and a few of my pictures that I snapped along the way.

RI Trip looking foliage - Photography trip | EveryTrail (lien direct)

 Things to look for this coming week

the first hurdle we have to get over is the rain coming in Thursday night and Friday ( 17 and 18 Oct). After this it looks like we go into a sunny period again and there should be more color development across the South shore. all we can hope for this time is that the rains coming in are gentle and we don’t get too much wind to go with it.

  • The first thing you might do is go through South Carver Mass. and check out all the cranberry bogs. We drove by more than a dozen bogs and one farmer said he would be flooding his today and harvesting before Saturday. Since red is a fall color and the cranberries are definitely going to be Scarlet there is some fall color to be found in Carver Massachusetts.
    Keene NH pumpkin festival happens in October and they light thousands of pumpkins

    Keene pumpkin Festival

  • Next you can head to keene New Hampshire for the pumpkin Festival on Saturday which starts at 12 PM until the fireworks are finished around 8 PM.
  • You can also visit the King Richards faire in Carver which ends on Sunday afternoon. be sure to grab a tankard of ale and a roasted turkey leg for me (my favorites) and check out the jousting which runs all through the day. And then stop and see the wild animals which run the gamut from feathered kings of the air to the King of predators  like the liger which weighs in at around 800+ pounds.
  • If haunted happenings are more your style, it’s a perfect time to stop in Salem mass and check out witch central. the Nightmare Factory which is in the East India Mallhas a triple pass that also get you into the nightmare gallery on Derby Street and the witch’s cottage on Lynde Street. (A big savings on buying all three tickets individually).
    Pumpkins lined up across the landscape for the Cilley Hill pumpkin festival

    pumpkins all along the stream

  • Down in Providence Rhode Island you have the nationally renowned Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at the Roger Williams Park Zoo from October 4 through November 3.
  • You also have corn mazes like the Connor corn maze in Danvers (I’ve been lost there before) 🙂 other corn mazes in New England can be found by visiting Yankee magazine article on this subject.

This should give you a good idea of some things to occupy your weekend just in case you’re not too busy working around the house getting it ready for winter.

Depending on how the weather treats us over the next week or two I’ll be continuing to post articles on Halloween events and foliage opportunities through the end of the month. I hope you’ll stop him from time to time and let me know what you enjoyed about your trip to New England or what you’re looking forward to when you do arrive next year.

Here’s a gallery of a few of my shots that capture this fall and if you want to share with me what you photographed then go to my Facebook fall foliage page and post them there. I really would like to see what you caught and what I missed![flagallery gid=8 name=Gallery]

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  1. Hi Jeff, Many thanks for your dedication to all of this. I and my family, following your advice, saw great peak/near-peak colors on the Kancamangus Highway on October 5th. You had posted on the 3rd about the Kanc and we skipped going there on the 4th as it was raining that day. The 5th was awesome.

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