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a loan Maple tree stands above a wooden fence with bright red fall foliage

a bright red Maple tree shows the last fall foliage of the season

Well the end of October is nearly here and New England is moving beyond peak foliage but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t head out for another drive! I took all images on this page on Tuesday 23 October.

Remember that Peak is a continuing process, where the trees turn color, reach peak and then the colors fade to rust or gold and fall to the ground to provide a light workout for us which prepares those of us who get snow for heavier exertions later 🙁

yellow fall foliage over a tool shed in Ipswich Massachusetts

an ancient Maple with yellow and orange fall foliage over toolshed

Also remember that not every tree turns at the same rate. I was out on Tuesday seeing what color was out and about in the Merrimack valley and I think I found lots of color. From a single red maple on 1A in Topsfield to an orange and yellow maple on a nearby back road.

Many of the nearby trees to these example are gone by and bare but you can still get out and find those examples that are late to the party! Remember past peak doesn’t mean gone as this final example shows

Colorful reports are still out there, at least till Sarah arrives!

students walking from their dorm to their classes over a bridge with reflecting fall foliage

fall colors reflected under the bridge

Reports of color down in Boston are filtering in and I would head to anywhere along the south coast to view the last vestiges of bright fall colors. Of course if you find really good colors please stop into my fall foliage page on Facebook and submit your image.

Even if you are home from your vacation, you can show us what you found (don’t submit all 1240 images) 🙂 but a few here and there is fine.

I was finding color all the way along my trip on this past Tuesday and if you traveled along route 127 which hugs the coast between Gloucester and Beverly Massachusetts you will find, at least until Sunday some very nice colors.

Print winner for September

I’d like to announce that I have my first international winner that I picked on 30 September. Ms Jenny Myers from Australia. now the fun part is how long it takes for her to get her print. the post office said something about a slow boat from China. She chose a covered bridge shot from Sturbridge village which you can see below.

Vistaphotography: Covered Bridges &emdash; Covered bridge at Sturbridge Village

The end? I don’t think so!

a skeleton indicates a dead-end or maybe the end of fall foliage for the season

an indication of the end of fall foliage for the season?

I don’t think we’re at a dead-end yet! Even though this gentleman seems to think so.

Every year we get down to the bittersweet end of fall foliage and I have to ask myself “was it all worth it?”. next week I will be posting my final look back on this year’s fall foliage with lots of images and my thoughts on what I found.

If you have any thoughts on what you found this autumn and you’d like to share them put them in the comments below and maybe I’ll try to add some of your comments to the final wrap up.

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Autumn’s bell tolls but fall foliage still awaits — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff,
    I would like to thank you for all the advice I have read over the past several months on your website. My husband & I spent 23 days in the US & Canada, two weeks of which were in New England, where we were joined by our two daughters. We had an amazing time and saw a lot of color. We drove through Vermont, the White Mountains, spent time in Acadia and drove to Boston part of the way via the Maine coast. I can’t recall all the places & roads, but everywhere we went we enjoyed glorious scenery, even on the main highways. Whether we actually saw the elusive peak or not, I really don’t know, however, it certainly was beautiful and we just loved the many shades of yellows, oranges and reds, we even saw some purple leaves on the ground.
    I can’t remember exactly how you worded it, but your advice some time back about enjoying the vacation without worrying about the peak, put things in good perspective. Thank you so much.
    I hope to be back again some day….

    • Hi Miri, I’m very glad you had a wonderful time! It brings me a lot of happiness when I hear from folks that what I put in my blog actually helps them have a great vacation. These trips are not easy to plan and they cost hard earned dollars (Currency of your choice there) 🙂
      Even if my guesses are incorrect and I hear back about them I learn on what works… but I don’t hear back on bad judgement calls… That is a good thing and means that most of the time I’m giving good info..
      Peak is always a judgement call and as long as you see scenes that make your heart sing.. you found peak… Peak is more a state of mind than a physical reality… 🙂
      Yours truly
      Jeff Foliage

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